Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Maunder: January 7, 2013

Last week, I posted a very quick wrap-up for 2012, shared what is to come in 2013, and made of list of things that I am working on around the blog this month.  Posting will not go back to normal (whatever that may be!) until at least next month, but I will be posting a few things here and there, including some giveaways later this week that I missed due to my crashed computers at the end of 2012.

One of the things that I am considering is how to change my weekly post.  This past year, I have been sharing information on my reading, writing, and life via Monday Maunder.  These posts tend to get the most interaction and most comments, so I will not be doing away with them completely.  Instead, I want to change them up a bit.  After much thought, I have decided to keep it simple in the changes, switching up the formatting and adding one extra category ... On Blogging.  It will be here that I share any open giveaways, share some highlights or top posts from the week, or in the case of this month, share how I am doing in regards to that long list of goals.  I also anticipate a change in my image art for this feature, but this is not ready yet.  Until it is, I will continue to use my old image.

Without further ado, let's get to the usual weekly information . . .


I welcomed the new year reading one of my Christmas gifts, The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling and I am still amidst the pages.  I am not sure what I am currently thinking about this book.  The thought that does keep recurring as I read though is ... "Did Rowling desperately want to break herself away from Harry Potter by writing something so completely opposite?"  I am a bit shocked by how drastically different it is to my favorite books!!

What are you reading this week?  Have you read Casual Vacancy yet?  What are your (spoiler-free) thoughts?


Of that long list of things to do on the blog, I have completed two things so far!  First, I backed up the blog!  This took much less time than I remembered and I really need to do it more often.  Second, I have re-worked this weekly feature post.  I have a lot more to do, but I've made a good start!

And for those wondering, my weekly top post .... Hello 2013!

Are you currently working to improve your blog?  What was your weekly top post?


As I work on starting fresh on the website, my writing will be minimal; however, I do hope to journal at least a few days a week this month.  When it comes to journaling, I love to write to prompts.  I have been known to write after being inspired by quotes from TV, song lyrics, and I even subscribe to Mama Kat's Writing Prompt Weekly Emails.

I know that I have asked this before, but I love to hear all about journaling ... Do you journal?  What do you write about?  What inspires you?


The biggest news this week was that my son had a birthday!  He decided to have a sleepover with three of his friends, sleep in the tent downstairs, play video games, eat pizza, and build with Legos.  He had an absolute blast, but I ended the weekend being more tired than I started it!  I think I needed an extra day just to sleep!!

Other good news this week (in no particular order) ... Kids returned to school, so that means we can return to our routine, including nightly storytime!  A good friend welcomed another beautiful child into the world!  And, the computer that crashed last month ended up on our doorstep this morning, fresh from being repaired!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is truly repaired and we can finally determine how much we truly lost/saved.

What good things happened to you this week?

What do you think about the new format?!?  Yea or nay?!?


  1. I haven't read CASUAL VACANCY, and I don't wantg to.

  2. I am currently working on improving my blog and have some ideas in the works. Hopefully they are well-received! :)

    I don't journal but I am thinking of starting, actually.

    Not a lot happened to me this week since I have not been feeling well.

    1. Becca Lostinbooks ... I'm excited to see what you have in store! I actually desperately need to stop by your blog one of these days. I have a number of things saved up to comment on over there!!

      Keep me posted if you start to journal. I have never done it regularly and want to get there ... maybe not every day, but regularly!

      Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  3. It's been along time since I read your place (^^"") so first - I'm yay! for the changes and your plans!On the other questions, I haven't read Casual Vacancy, but I plan too. But I'm now reading I'm reading one of Rick Riordan's detective novels and it is so different from his YA series I love, so I kinda understand the feeling! I'm trying to get my new spin off blog going, so your plans are very inspirational :) I'll try to chek your blog more often!

    1. Topcho ... So good to see you back!! And, thanks for the positive feedback on the changes!!

      I still have not yet read a single Riordan book. I really, really need to! I love mythology, so I've got to read them soon!! I didn't even know that he had detective novels out there either!

      Lastly, please share your blog links!! I need to add them to my Reader!!!

    2. lol I guess I hid becuase I was ashamed of myself for failing the challenge - and I'm still so mad of myself for it, I had great fun but seemed to lost track with all the university stuff going on :/
      As fpr blogs, well this is my old and faithfull all-things-in-one-place blog . But this year I decided to create another one for all the bookish stuff - I got afraid I will make my crafty friends sick with my challenge obsession ! XD It is nothing special, because I just started it, and I will be able to add more content only after my winter exam session finishes... But thanks for the interest! :D

    3. Topcho ... No worries!!! :) BTW, I just subscribed to both your blogs! I look forward to reading about your crafty and booky side!! :)

    4. Aww thank you! I hope I won't dissappoint you! XD

  4. I still really want to read The Casual Vacancy, even though I've heard a lot of mixed things about it. I'm interested to see what Rowling can do away from Harry Potter, even if it didn't work for some people.

    1. Natalie (Mindful Musings) ... I agree! That is the very reason I am reading it! Honestly, after the HUGE hit of Harry Potter, that is a lot to live up to! BUT, I tend to be pretty loyal to my favorite authors, through both the good and the bad!! I will probably read anything she writes!

  5. Too funny about the sleepover. And heck yeah, over the new format!


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