Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guest Post: Terri Fields' Create Your Own DANGEROUS Animal!

I am so excited to share a guest post today from Terri Fields, author of the newly released children's book, The Most Dangerous, published by Sylvan Dell Publishing.  Today, Fields takes guests posts to a new level by sharing with us an interactive activity that you can enjoy with your child in conjunction with her book.  Take a look and let your imagination run wildly dangerous!!


One thing I really enjoy about working with Sylvan Dell is that they have provided a number of curricular activities that teachers and parents can use to extend the learning of The Most Dangerous. As a former teacher, I like the fact that one book can be used in so many ways.

I hope that the startling cover will attract readers, and it's been fun for me to see a big group of picture books on a library table and watch students head for this one. I created a contest as a frame for the story because I've been around thousands of students, and I've watched as they always like to "win," regardless of the task. Then I tried to get students to think about why an animal might attack. The ending of the book is a surprise and provides a great chance for discussion of what makes something a danger.

In addition to all the activities already provided in the back of the book and online, I wanted to add one more for Tif's readers. I hope it gives children a chance to have fun with words and be creative.

Create Your Own DANGEROUS Animal 

Answer these questions:

1. My animal is bigger than a _________________, but not as big as a______________.
2. My animal is mostly what colors?_________________________________________.
3. My animal is called a_________________________________.
4. My animal has this many eyes__________. They are shaped like a___________. My animal can see during (the day, the night, both, not at all.)
5. My animal’s nose is where on its face____________ and is shaped like a______________.
6. My animal has a (big or small) mouth. It looks sort of like the mouth of a (fish, bird, or ______) and it uses its teeth or fangs to _____________________.
7. My animal has a (long, short, no) tongue and it is the color of ____________.
8. My animal has (claws, paws, wings, fins) all of them?
9. My animal is really dangerous because it can_________________________.
10. My animal has (hair, scales, feathers, or ____________.
11. My animal is usually found in ____________________________________.
12. My animal likes to eat_________________________________________________.
13. My animal is most dangerous when______________________________________.

Draw a picture of your animal.

Now, write a poem about your animal.  Here are two samples. You may use one of the samples to create your poem or you may just write whatever kind of poetry you like about your animal.

#1 Animal Poem 

1) Animal Name 
2) State an action your animal does. 
3) When does your animal do this? 
4) Where does your animal do this? 
5) Why does your animal do this? 
6) Watch out! 

Sample Poem 

The Ogoo Jumps on people’s heads and opens its jaws 
Whenever it smells a swimmer. 
It leaps up from the bottom of pools 
Because it loves the taste of wet hair. 
Watch out! 

#2 Animal Poem 

When You Look at ______(name of animal) 
When you look at me, here’s what you’ll see 
A _______ body ready to ____________ 
When you look at me, here’s what you’ll see. 
______ eyes glaring at you. 
When you look at me, here’s what you’ll hear 
When you look at me, you will feel some fear. 
I’m ______________________. 
When you look at me, you better beware. 
You better take care

Sample Poem 
When you look at an Ogoo 
When you look at me, here’s what you’ll see. 
An orange and green body ready to bounce. 
When you look at me, here’s what you’ll see. 
Sharp purple eyes glaring at you. 
When you look at me, here’s what you’ll hear 
A soft hissing sound ssssssssssssssssss 
When you look at me, you better beware 
You better take care 
For I’ll spring from water, and I’ll eat your hair.


Isn't this great?!?  I am so excited to do these activities with my son!  

Check back later this week for a full review of The Most Dangerous.  I will give you a hint ... my son has been hoarding the book since it arrived in the house!

Thank you so much Terri Fields for your wonderful activities you shared here today!  If readers are interested in following more of Fields' blog tour, you can find the rest of her stops listed below:

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October 13:  While not on a blog, on October 13th, I'll be doing a workshop at Worlds of Words at the University of Arizona.  The event is held on Saturday mornings from 10:00-12:00, and draws children and families.  If you're in the Tucson area, do come!


  1. What a fun idea! Any chance of your son doing a guest post with some of his creations?

    1. Alexia561 ... Great idea!! I may just have to do this!!

  2. I think my boyfriend's 6-year-old would like this a lot! Thanks for sharing, Tif :)


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