Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BBAW: Meet Biblioklepts!

One of my favorite features of Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW) is being able to participate in the interviews, meeting someone new every single year!  This year, I had the opportunity to interview Biblioklepts and I am excited to share her with all of you!  Just for the fun of it, I have also included a few thoughts of my own after reading her responses, simply because I love to talk books with anyone and everyone!


Let's talk about you: who you are, what you like to read, what you do beyond the books, etc.?

I'm about to be a second-year at the University of Chicago, and my current plan is to major in Fundamentals (basically, this means that I come up with a big question or idea, and spend three years doing close readings of books that can help me to answer it.) I also want to minor in Classics and/or Linguistics! Uh, and other stuff outside of reading? Hmm. I also love science, especially anything related to space (I also really enjoy physics in general); writing; the color green; good music/movies/the occasional good TV show (including a bit of Whedon); geography; philosophy; collecting random factoids; overanalyzing everything...yeah! Recently, I've been interested in worldbuilding/the logic of how we create a world and are able to understand and use it. (If anyone wants to talk about this, I would love to.) 

Tif:  The picture of Biblioklepts is so fitting after reading this about her, don't you think?!?  (By the way, I am choosing to respond in green because I too love the color green!)

Let's talk about your blog: where did your name come from, why did you start blogging, how long have you been blogging, why do you continue, what are some of your favorite features, etc.?

I started blogging midway through my senior year of high school, but I took a few months off in between then and now for college things. I do it because it's a good excuse to talk about books a lot, and to try to organize and clarify the thoughts I have about what I'm reading. I'm thinking about starting to use the blog to talk about book-related ideas, too, and not just specific books. Hopefully, it'll also lead to discussion/being able to join a larger community. This still hasn't really happened yet, because I'm new/shy, but hopefully it will! (My blog's name came from the fact that I tend to swipe books from people--when I go into a new place, the first thing I do is look at the bookshelves. But I do give them back. Usually.) 

Tif:  I love the creativity behind the name, but remind me to never let you near my shelves!!  :)

Let's talk about books in general: what genres do you gravitate towards, what are you currently reading? 

Reading-wise, my basic policy is to read anything that's good, but I love good stories with good ideas. I tend to like fantasy/sci-fi, alt comics, realistic fiction, good YA/children's books, science books, and some poetry...and I also like books that are about story over style. Showboating is one of my biggest pet book peeves. Right now, I'm finally reading Jane Eyre. I had an unfortunate resignation about reading Bronte, Austen, Dickens, and other classics folks, but now I'm realizing how stupid that was. 

Tif:  Confession time ... I still have not read Jane Eyre!

Where can others find you in the online world (i.e., blog site, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc. -- whatever you participate in!)? 

Er, I'm more of a lurker, usually, but sometimes I use tumblr: thesoppingthursday.tumblr.com

Tif:  I just stopped by and LOVED your most recent tumblr about literal world-building!!

Name your top 5 favorite reads that you find yourself recommending often. 

Auuuugh, this question makes me so sad. I guess I'll do it by genre. 

Kids' books: The Phantom Tollbooth--Norton Juster, The Moomintroll books--Tove Jansson, and the Sammy Keyes books--Wendelin van Draanen Fantasy: The Lies of Locke Lamora and its sequal, Red Seas Under Red Skies: Scott Lynch (not enough people know about these. They are so, so good. Swashbuckling and thievery and high stakes and creepy magic and lots and lots of cleverness) 

Realistic fiction: Light in August--William Faulkner (this is the only Faulkner I've read so far, but it kind of threw my head into a new place. I loved it.) 

Comics: Love and Rockets--Jamie and Gilbert Hernandez, Castle Waiting--Linda Medley, and What It Is--Lynda Barry 

Poetry: Homer and Virgil! (And also, Crush--Richard Siken) 

Whew! Sorry. I can't answer that sort of question without writing as many books out of it as possible. 

Tif:  I have just added more books to my list!  

What is the book(s) that hooked you on reading (maybe as a child)? 

I've always loved reading! The first book I remember reading to myself, though, is Voyager to the Planets, by Necia H. Apfel. It's responsible for making me a Voyager 2 nerd, and helped out with solidifying my love of space, too. (Looking back on it now, it makes me realize how important good books can be to kids...and that sometimes there's a big gap between adult book standards for kids and what books actually get to kids and make them excited/get them thinking.) 

Tif:  I cannot tell you how much I love that last comment!

What book are you most looking forward to reading this fall? 

I'll be taking a class on The Brothers Karamazov this fall, so I'm pretty psyched for that! I'm also going to the Small Press Expo ( http://www.spxpo.com/) this Friday, during which I hope to accumulate a truly sickening amount of new comics to read.

Tif:  Have fun!  I look forward to reading all about it on your blog!  Here's the link again for those who want keep up with Biblioklepts!!


  1. The picture above made me smile... and that's why I visit blogs. I will be sure to keep checking yours out!!


    1. My anxious life ... Glad you stopped by! I look forward to seeing you back!

  2. I love that picture of you, Biblioklepts! I didn't know a major such as fundamentals existed (and I've spent a fair bit of time in academia) but it sounds awesome. Have you ever been to the Oriental Institute? That's one of my favorite museums!

    1. Thanks a lot! Yeah, it's a UChicago thing, and I think it's relatively new. I'm really excited about it! And I have been to the OI many a time. It hosts a study break every finals week, and it's pretty close to where I lived last year, too. It's a great place.

    2. Tasha B. ... I was going to say the same thing when I originally read this about the major! I have worked in higher ed for years and have never heard of it either! BUT, I love the sound of it!!


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