Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's the Difference? by Suzanne Slade

What's The Difference?:  An Endangered Animal Subtraction Story is the second in Suzanne Slade's series of animal math, this time featuring tales of subtraction.  As in her previous number adventure, What's New At The Zoo?, the author uses story problems to create a mathematical equation.  In What's The Difference?, she brings in the added bonus of educating readers on past and present endangered animals.

As a parent, I thoroughly enjoy the stories that Slade creates, combining the love of literature, math, and science into one fun book.  The younger crowd can enjoy the story for story's sake through her rhythmic rhymes.  As the child gets older, the math problems can be explored through example.  And, as the child gets into lower and mid-elementary, the fascination with the endangered animal facts can spur additional interest and research.  To put it simply:  Slade creates a piece of work that a child can grow with.

I cannot close this review without also mentioning the illustrator, Joan Waites.  Waites' artistry brings Slade's story to life, pulling the children into the story and engaging them visually to assist in learning the math concepts demonstrated.

As with all books published by Sylvan Dell Publishing, readers can find activities and topics for further discussion both at the back of the book as well as online.  I look forward to utilizing them with my children before heading out to our next trip to the zoo or wildlife refuge.

I encourage you to check out Slade's other books in the series:  What's New At The Zoo? (addition), Multiply On The Fly, and The Great Divide.  I also encourage you to read my interview with the author following the release of What's New At The Zoo? to discover more about the author and her inspiration for writing these books.

Special thanks to Sylvan Dell Publishing for a review copy of What's the Difference?:  An Endangered Animal Subtraction Story.

Do you know the difference between endangered and threatened animals?  Do you find yourself learning from your child's books?


  1. I'm embarrassed to say, I don't know the difference. In my defense, I use to, but my memory. :( It fails me often.

    1. 365andMe ... I couldn't remember either until I read this book with my kids!! :)


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