Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Walking Dead: Books One - Three by Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead phenomenon on the screen has helped to spread the zombie frenzy, but did you know it was first born as a graphic novel by Robert Kirkman?  The story begins the same, but the story line tends to veer from the one that AMC presents.  Some characters are the same.  Others are new additions.  Some scenes can be found in both.  Others are completely unique to the medium.  Both have me coming back for more!

In The Walking Dead:  Book One, we are introduced to the zombie apocalypse after Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a long-term coma, finding himself to be the only one not desiring to feed on human flesh.  We follow his adventures to the city, meeting fellow survivals and hopefully, reuniting with those he loves.

In The Walking Dead:  Book Two, the survivors attempt to make their home in a prison - a facility designed to keep the worst locked inside, but one that may now prove to keep the newest evil out.  However, the question that arises is what happens when the evil remains with the living inside?

In The Walking Dead:  Book Three, the survivors embark on a new adventure after seeing a helicopter crash near their settlement.  When they arrive on the scene, it quickly becomes obvious that they are not the only group of the living in the area.  Upon further exploration, the survivors find themselves battling both the living and the dead.

Each of these books contain only black and white illustrations.  I typically prefer color, but with these tales, black and white proves to be a much more powerful medium.  The range of emotions that the characters demonstrate is simply awe-inspiring.  The development of characters via the "silent" screens is beyond impressive.  I just don't think the story of the dead walking would be quite as powerful if it were in color!  The reader would find themselves focusing more on the blood, gore, and death, then on the characters fighting to survive.  And, the characters are what make the stories!

Speaking of the characters, I have very strong reactions to many -- I either loved them (i.e., Rick, Glenn, Andrea, Michonne) or I loathed them (i.e., Shane).  It kept me turning the pages to determine if they get what they deserve along the way.  Some do, others do not.

The next two books in the series are sitting on my shelves right now thanks to my local library.  I cannot wait to dive in to see where the next chapters take the survivors.

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead?  Do you prefer the books or the television series?  Which characters are your favorite(s)?


  1. I'm still in the same spot I was in when you posted book 2. Good news is that I am reading again. I'm praying the momentum will continue. The last time I say I was reading again, my interest stopped abruptly.

    What I find funny is your dislike of Shane. Has he been a bad guy all along? Or did his true side develop like in the TV show? Have you seen the last TV season? And/Or do you know what happened to him?

    1. Amateur Novelist ... Good luck with the reading!! As for Shane ... I have not liked him from the beginning! I initially got hooked with Season 1 of the TV series and didn't like him from there. Once I started reading the books, my dislike for him grew even more. I know his fate in the books, but I have not seen Season 2, so I don't know if his fate is the same in the show or not!


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