Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Maunder: August 20, 2012


This last week was a pretty good reading week, even despite the fact that I was sick! I finished The Walking Dead: Book Four and The Walking Dead: Book Five by Robert Kirkman as well as Uglies by Scott Westerfield. Yes, I even finished the latter BEFORE my book club on Sunday afternoon!!! Reviews will hopefully be coming very soon for all of these books, so be watching for them. I picked up Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness last night, so that will be my main focus this week. I don't anticipate reading more than that, however, because I will be spending more time writing!!


This week, I am hoping to finally get back into writing thanks to the {Sit Down and Write} Write-a-thon.  I will mainly be using this week to get caught up on my many, many reviews that I have been ignoring, though I also do need to get a bit of editing done in the next couple of days as well.  By my current count, I believe that I have 15 books to review; however, I may decide to combine a few of these as some are a part of a series.  We will see where the writing ends up.

My ultimate goal behind this week is to get completely caught up on blog reviews, schedule ahead a few weeks, and to actually get back into some fun writing that I have not done in a really long time.  Even more exciting to end the week is participation in a little writer's conference over the weekend to help in getting my creative juices flowing.  Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out!


This past week, there are only two pieces of information worth sharing.  First, I ended up getting sick as I mentioned above.  I actually came down with bronchitis of all things and the symptoms still currently persist.  I am hoping that I will recover soon, but only time will tell.  Last time I had this, the cough persisted for more than a month!  

Secondly, school started this week for my son!  I am actually very excited about getting back into a routine again, meaning nightly readings with the kids.  This past summer, the reading decreased in our household due to all the chaos and I am really looking forward to getting back into it.  

I will sign off with my week of Photo-A-Day links for you!  I combined the last couple of days because of my sheer laziness!  Hope you enjoy!

14.  Arrow
15.  Ready
16.  Food
17.  Faces
18.  Inside
19 & 20.  Hole & Today

What are your reading and writing plans this week?  Will you be joining me for the write-a-thon? What have you thought of the Photo-A-Day links?


  1. Couple of things:

    1) My favorite is the last pic. Now I see why you beat me ALL THE TIME in Words With Friends. You play it all the time! (lol)

    2) Yep, I'm joining you for the writing challenge. My goal isn't to get anything done. I just want to build consistency in working.

    3. So sorry you've been sick. And yes, it stays with you for what feels like forever. :( This year, I've stayed on Vit C and berry tea. So far, so good, but 2012 hasn't ended.

    4. School - this semester, I organized early. The to-do journaling through index cards have helped. My iPhone alarm has too. I have about a dozen alarms set to move me forward throughout the

    Here's to a productive autumn. So, tell us more about the move! I've been dying to know. Or did you post about it and I missed it?

    1. Amateur Novelist ...

      1) LOL!! I do love Words in every form!! :)

      2) That is really what I am working towards as well. I need to get back into a "schedule."

      3) I hope it stays that way! I'm finally feeling better, enough to start working out again tomorrow!

      4) I love the idea of setting an alarm. I've done that on a few tasks, but I should try to do it more, particularly in regards to my writing!

      5) The move! I haven't really posted about it because I'm still processing it! I think once it settles in and we get a bit closer, I will share more about it. It won't be until May or June I think.

  2. Yay for school starting! We still have two more weeks so I'm insanely jealous. Sorry to hear you've been sick. That is always miserable isn't it? And my constant goal in life is to catch up on blog reviews, but I think I realize it isn't ever going to happen. I have a backlog of 27 some reviews! Insane!

    1. Jenners ... I got really behind on reviews at one point and just decided to start all over. I'm behind AGAIN, so will try to combine as many as possible or do mini reviews. Keeping my fingers crossed it works! Good luck the next couple of weeks until school starts!!

  3. I saw your tweet on Twitter. Bad me...I haven't even checked the linky since Monday. I've been so busy with work. Well, one review is better than nothing. I actually wrote two reviews, but that's not what I'm focusing on this week, or supposed to be. I had to write them because they were tour stops. Anyway, glad you're joining me this week and I hope you get more writing in. =O)

    1. Michelle @ The True Book Addict ... Thanks for stopping by!! And, no worries! I understand a busy schedule! Good luck to you! I look forward to seeing how everyone else is doing!

    2. Don't forget to add you link to the starting line linky:

      Thanks, Tif!

    3. Michelle @ The True Book Addict ... I thought I already did that, but I don't see my name there! I will re-add it right now! Thank you for letting me know!!


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