Thursday, July 26, 2012

Walrus Report: Cleave & Weiner

One Saturday not too far in the distant past, I had the opportunity to experience an afternoon of authors as they toured through my little city!  Then, I wrote all about them for my little freelance gig over at Walrus Publishing.  Here's a little sneak preview of each . . .

The first event I was very excited for:  Chris Cleave.  I have not yet read any of his novels, but two currently sit on my shelf and I intend to read them both in the very near future.  While he spoke about his latest release, Gold, I discovered that Cleave is a very genuine and humble man.  I could have sat and listened to him for hours, and not just because he has a brilliant British accent!  He left me pondering many things related not just to reading and writing, but our world in general.  I encourage you to click on over and read my full account.  I had so much fun with this one!

After the Cleave event, I drove across the street for an event in Saks Fifth Avenue featuring Jennifer Weiner.  I have heard so many things about Weiner and her realistic chick lit writing.  I have a number of her books on my shelves to read.  I even follow her on Twitter.  I guess you could say that I was just a little bit beyond curious.  However, I left this event with mixed feelings, and I don't think I was the only one.  I recommend that you check out my full piece to read more about my thoughts.  In the end, I still plan to at least give her books a try.  I'm still curious!

Have you had the opportunity to see either of these authors in person?  What did you think?


  1. Jennifer Weiner!?!

    She was my writing hero for years. I carried around "Good In Bed" with me, studied whatever I could find of hers on the web. To meet! You've got to read "Good In Bed." You've just got to! "In Her Shoes" is my second favorite. Watched the movie too. :)

    1. The Amateur Novelist ... I actually think that I have "Good in Bed" on my shelf, along with at least 2-3 others. I need to pull them out and see exactly which ones I have and then start reading them.

    2. Keeping my fingers crossed that you have GIB. That will forever remain my fave.

    3. 365andMe ... Checked the stacks this morning and it is there!!!


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