Friday, July 27, 2012

Foto Friday (2): The Penguin Stare



  1. It's soooooo hard not to ask question about these I want to know the story behind everything! ;)

    1. The Amateur Novelist ... Feel free to ask away!! I'm still ironing out if and how I want to keep doing this feature!! :)

    2. Alright, you asked for it. Where did you take this photo and did you get as close as it looks or was that the lens? Also, there doesn't seem to be glass between you and him. Were these fellows touchable?

    3. 365andMe ... I took the photo at the St. Louis Zoo, which has an open penguin and puffin exhibit. I did zoom a bit, but you can get pretty close to the penguins and are often splashed by them. You are asked not to touch though! I have another pretty cool penguin one that I prefer coming in a couple of weeks!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Beauty and the Scientist ... LOL!! I think that one is very fitting!!

  3. Great picture! I can't tell if he is made at you or if he is curious.


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