Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Listen to My Trumpet! by Mo Willems

Let's start this review with a simple fact:  WE LOVE MO WILLEMS!  A while back, I shared a few of my favorite Willems' stories via the Walrus Report, featuring his wide array of characters from Knuffle Bunny to Pigeon.  However, in my household, nothing compares to the adventures of Elephant and Piggie.  These two unlikely friends leave both children and adults giggling by the end of their books and Willems' most recent release is no exception!

Listen to My Trumpet! follows Piggie while she shares her trumpet talent with Elephant.  However, Elephant tries to kindly break it to his friend that what she is playing sounds nothing like music.  In the usual fashion, Willems ends on one hilarious note that solves the friends' latest issue.

What I love about Willems is his ability to take conflicts or problems facing the preschool and elementary crowd and demonstrates how two very different creatures work together to find a solution.  He throws in just the right amount of humor to allow the lesson to be fun and creates a story that even adults can read over and over again.

Listen to My Trumpet! has quickly jumped to the top of this family's favorites, only falling shy of There's a Bird on Your Head.  I cannot even count the amount of times we have read the latest adventure and we only brought it home a couple of weeks ago!

Are you a fellow fan of Mo Willems and his characters, Elephant and Piggie?  Which tales would be your favorite?


  1. We Are in a Book and I am Invited to a Party are my two favorites.

    1. pussreboots ... We have both of those and I love them!! I guess the real question should have been which tales do you not like ... though I probably would not have received one comment at all because they are ALL loveable!! :)


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