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Monday Maunder: March 26, 2012



Reading this week has been great, or at least better than it has been in a while!  I finished reading Kingdom Keepers #1:  Disney After Dark by Ridley Pearson, Fables #4:  March of the Wooden Soldiers by Bill Willingham, and am currently about halfway through Locke & Key #3:  Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill.  I am hoping to finish the latter later this evening and then I have to decide which book to read next.  A few of the books that I am debating . . . Kingdom Keepers #2:  Disney At Dawn by Ridley Pearson, Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, and Emerald Atlas by John Stephens.  Which would you vote for?

I haven't shared where I stand lately in my 2012 reading challenges, so here is a quick peak for your enjoyment.  Click on the individual link to see which books I have read for each.

  1. 2012 Audio Book Challenge (0 of 12)
  2. 2012 Fairy Tale Challenge (3 of 12)
  3. 2012 Off the Shelf Challenge (5 of 30)
  4. 2012 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge (13 of 70)
  5. What's In A Name Challenge (1 of 6)


Writing has been a bit better this last week.  I obviously have done better here on the site, so that says something!  I am finally feeling like I am getting back into the groove of things and it helps that I don't have to battle the husband for a computer!  No more excuses there!  Though I doubt myself often (as evidenced by my recent {RNW} post!), all of your encouragement helps and I look forward to getting some ideas into words and onto paper very soon!  Thank you all very much!


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Life in general has been good, though I sadly have not yet seen The Hunger Games on the big screen.  I am hoping to have that resolved soon, but we will see when those plans will work out!  On the other hand, I have finally been convinced to watch The Walking Dead!  I checked out Season 1 at the library and now I must wait until Season 2 becomes available.  I had no idea that this zombie show would be so horrifically good!  It was so disgusting, yet I could not turn away and cannot wait to see where the characters go next.  Are there any other Walking Dead fans out there?

Did you see The Hunger Games this week?  What did you think?  What's on your nightstand this week?  


  1. Are you kidding? I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead. There are volumes of graphic books. Also "The Walking Dead: Rise of The Governor" which isn't a graphic novel. I'm waiting to watch season 2 before starting this one.

    On another note, I can no longer subscribe to the comment section here. Do you know what happened?

    1. I have recently requested the graphic novels of The Walking Dead and I can't wait to read them!! Have you seen any of the 2nd season or are you waiting for the release of the DVDs like me?

      BTW, I think I've got the comment subscription fixed. Google made lots of changes recently and I needed to upgrade to get it back. I think I will be in limbo on a couple of things for a while though!

    2. Yeah, the subscribe is back. And about WD. Yes, I'm waiting for it on DVD. I want to sit down and watch it all in a weekend. :) It's an awesome show!

    3. That's what I loved about Season 1 ... I didn't have to wait a whole week! I just hit continue on the DVD! Can't wait for Season 2! Still waiting on the books though!

  2. Well, I liked The Emerald Atlas a lot so I'll vote that you read that one soon. ;) And don't forget to record that you read The Game on my DWJ month post before April 1. Not too many entries so far so you'll have a good chance of winning the gc!

    1. I'm really tempted to read that one, but I have not yet had the chance to pick up a book since I wrote this!! I will keep you posted on which one I decide!

      I actually have recording The Game down on your post for my Bloggiesta weekend! I am going to try not to forget!! :)

  3. Tif, this is how I've started watching most TV shows. I no longer have TV and only watch from my laptop or iPhone. Blocking out a whole weekend to watch a season feels like a

    1. This is so very true! We don't have cable, so I watch the majority of TV shows online too!


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