Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meeting the Voice Behind Skippyjon Jones

Back in September, my family spontaneously ventured to the library to listen to and experience Judy Schachner, the author and illustrator behind the popular children's books featuring Skippyjon Jones.  Schachner was touring to promote her latest story, Skippyjon Jones:  Class Action.

When we arrived, the local library was already packed with fans of all ages.  We expected a partial reading with the usual talk and Q&A session.  What we got was so much more!  The author not only shared hilarious personal stories and her inspiration behind her work, but she also entertained the crowd with a reading of Class Action, completely in character!  The audience was frequently laughing; the children entranced.

After the presentation was complete, the lines began to form for the personalized signing.  Being at the end of the line, we had a LONG wait.  A librarian came to the rescue to entertain the children (and parents!).  Despite the wait, my children were excited and thrilled to meet Schachner.  And, they each left with a special treasure . . . . a personalized greeting and illustration from the author herself!  Just take a peek for yourself!  As you can see, the wait was completely worth it!

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Skippyjon Jones or his creator yet?

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