Friday, September 16, 2011

Trends and Tools

On this fifth and final day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW), we are to focus on blogging in general . . . our best practices or tried and true tools and techniques that we use to keep up with the ever-changing blogging world.  This is really one of my weakest links, so I am looking forward to reading the many posts going up today about these secrets (or not-so-secrets); however, I will share a few things that I do believe in even if they seem to be old school!

  1. Comments:  I'm talking comments on blogs, whether it may be responding to comments on your own site or commenting on posts of fellow bloggers.  Knowing that someone out there is reading your stuff and taking the time to share a word or two really can make a world of difference.  Though I may be late in responding at times, I do believe it is better late than never.  Personally, I always think it is fun to receive comments on older posts.  It's good to know that they are floating around in cyberspace with the potential for more love!
  2. Facebook:  I maintain a Facebook page for this site.  I feel that there are a number of readers out there that want to talk books, but may not use other social media networks.  And, I really enjoy talking books wherever I can get it!  
  3. Twitter:  This is by far a great way to connect with a large and varied audience!  I have followers that are authors, publishers, book bloggers, book lovers, and so much more, and I follow many of the same.  I find connections, small talk, and a commiseration of book love all over the place, from #fridayreads, #indiethursday, and so much more, including Twitter parties for such activities as #ArmchairBEA.  There are so many possibilities out there, but I also truly believe that the important piece is the INTERACTION between the people.  The purpose is to network and it is a great place to do just that!
There are a number of new trends out there in the world wide web, but due to time constraints, I have chosen not to get involved in them.  I choose to participate in only so much, not spreading myself too thin, and still allowing for quality interactions.  I will be really curious to find out if anyone has discovered the secret to finding more time in the day (maybe Hermoine's time turner or Well's time machine).  Can you imagine what we could do then?!?


  1. I've joined up to Google+ but I don't even have time to catch up with Google reader, much less stay on top of FB and Twitter, so I'm not sure where I thought the time was coming from! We're all so time poor, but it's lovely when we do get the chance for interaction, I agree.

  2. I love my "comment chats" I have going on my own blog and others. It makes me feel like I really get to know my readers.

  3. I always try to keep up with Twitter but fail miserably. I pretty much just auto post to my blog Facebook and Twitter page and not much else. Frankly, I can keep up with the blog and that is about it.

  4. I'm just getting my blog on Facebook but I haven't delved into Twitter yet. And if you do find the secret to more hours in the day, be sure to clue me in!!

  5. Oh, I SO want Hermoine's time turner! :D

    I keep going back and forth about having a Facebook page for my blog, so think I'm going to stick to my personal page for now. Of course, I'll probably change my mind again in a few days! *L*

  6. Like you I have chosen to limit myself to blogging, Facebook and Twitter! I spend far too much time in front of the computer as it is without getting involved in yet more social media!

  7. I'm not on Facebook and I don't do Twitter, so it's just blogs for me (at the moment)
    I always respond to comments on my blog, and I go and comment on anyone's blog who makes the effort to comment on mine (if they're genuine, and not spamming)

    I have a list of regular blogs I try to comment on if I can (and if I have the time)- and I try to get into the habit of commenting on other blogs first, before posting on my own (or I do run out of time).

    And comments are always better late than never, Tif!

  8. as a reader of blogs, i love it when the blog owner talks back to me. i really hate it when blogs have music that comes into my ears at 80 db! i wish they would turn the volume at way lot or put it on there with me being able to turn it on at will.
    i do wish when they had contests they would make it as simple as possible to enter and not make me have to follow them everywhere they post! they have to know i probably only read their emails. on twitter and fb, if i follow them, i skip a lot of those posting because of the email i received.

    as a blogger, i love it when people talk to me and try to make sure i get back to them at lease with a tks. i like my followers so try to keep my blog as clean as possible. i got rid of most all my advertising. i don't have contests because i don't have the time to run them. i love the people that follow my blog but i am not posting for anything other than sharing...i don't care if i have 600 reader of 80. i am not doing this to collect people, just share with them. i know i am a bit weird but i'm having fun!

  9. The Book Chook ... I think you do great with Facebook! I love the things you share there! I almost forgot that I'm on Google+, but that alone shows just how much I use it! :)

    Sheila (Bookjourney) ... I agree! My "comment chats" are some of the best I have!

    Jenners ... And, the blog is time-consuming enough! I auto-post as well, which really makes things easier. Staying updated on it all can be exhausting when you have life outside of the web to worry about too!

    lisa :) ... I totally will! Someday I hope to find that secret!! (I'm assuming you did a Facebook page?? I would totally "like" it!)

    Alexia561 ... Wouldn't a time turner be great?!? Ha! I am always changing my mind. I have a page. Some weeks I post quite a few things and others, not so much.

    Marg ... I agree! I don't know how everyone does it all!

    Tracy ... I'm glad you agree with my motto of better late, then never! :) I am still trying to work out a new schedule where I schedule my posts during the weekend and then comment during the week. It's a work-in-progress, but I really want to share the comment love more often!

    HODGEPODGESPV ... I completely agree about the music! Having an older laptop, it tends to freeze up my entire computer and not-so-nice words come out of my mouth! :) And, I completely agree about the contests. I choose not to have all that stuff. You just sign the form. My goal is just to spread the love of books, with no conditions wrapped around it! I don't think you are weird at all because I run very much like you! I don't even accept books for review! Most consider that weird! :) I don't think I follow you, so I'm heading over now to check out your site! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. One tool I've stopped using - I no longer subscribe to notification of follow-up comments by e-mail on other people's blogs - my inbox was getting so inundated that I ended up deleting whole swathes of comments without reading any of them, which is silly. So it takes me much longer to get back to people if they have responded to my comment, as I have to rely on my memory as to which blogposts I've commented on! But at least my inbox is clear, now!

  11. I found the "trends" portion of this question to be so difficult. I am not aware of any trends on blogging that are game-changers. What trends there are right now (Klout comes to mind) are ones about which I remain unconvinced. It will be interesting to see what next year holds.

  12. Tracy ... Wow! I don't know how you do it!! I still subscribe or I will totally forget!!! I'm impressed!

    Michelle ... This is so true! I was thinking Klout (which I don't use) or Tumblr (again, I don't use), but that is about it. I do wonder what will be coming next!

  13. When I only commented on a few blogs then notification didn't cause too many problems (unless I inadvertently subscribed to 'Happy Birthday' posts) but I comment on a fair number now, though nowhere near as many as I'd like to - so notification overwhelms my inbox. I try to remember, but it could still take several days before I check back.

  14. Tracy ... Well, I'm still impressed that you remember which ones you commented on to return to! :)


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