Thursday, August 11, 2011

Walrus Report: Author Sighting of John Lutz

I am excited to announce that I have another article published over on the Walrus Publishing website!  Be sure to click on over and read my thoughts on attending a recent local author event with John Lutz, author of the recently released Serial.  You may discover just as I did that you are more familiar with his work than you realized!

Special Note:  For the lack of a better term to alert my readers of the posts where I link to my work on the Walrus Publishing website, I have decided to code them as Walrus Report.  

When you finish reading and commenting on my piece, come back and tell me if you were as surprised as I was by my familiarity with his work!


  1. Wonderful job and I have to say that I love meeting authors they are my rock stars. Thanks for sharing with us Lisa

  2. Lisa ... Thank you so much! And, I agree! I would rather meet a favorite author than a random rock star any day! :)


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