Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: August 14, 2011

What a week!  Who knew that the week before the start of school would be so hectic and crazy?!?  I knew that we had a lot going on this past week, but I had no idea just how crazy it was going to be!  By the time Friday hit, I fell asleep in the chair before my own kids were in bed, one of them actually sitting on my lap!  Ha!  The really funny part was that it just so happened to also be my anniversary!  I guess you could say that eleven years of marriage is very exciting around here!!  One of these days, my husband and I will celebrate in style ... or at least go out for dinner and a movie kid-free!

This coming week is very exciting, but definitely a bit more calm!  My oldest will start first grade on Tuesday!!  I cannot believe how fast he has grown!!  We met his teacher this past week, and I am really curious to see what the first week of class will bring.  My first meeting brought mixed feelings, but to be fair, I was also very tired.  I guess I will wait to see!

On the reading front, I am still reading The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde and hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow.  This book has completely taken me by surprise, even despite all the praise that it has received.  It is very well written and the play on words are brilliant!  I am not familiar with some pieces mentioned in the book, such as the obvious Jane Eyre, but it really doesn't seem to matter too much.  As long as I can keep my eyes open, I will be reading the rest in one sitting!  After I finish it, I will then be moving on to Feed by Mira Grant for the Tales to Tomes Online Book Club.

As for the writing front, I really did not get as much done as I had hoped as you probably have noticed!  I only posted a couple of times, and both were simply links to pieces that I wrote for Walrus Publishing, my new freelance writing gig!  You won't see another one for a few weeks from me, so be sure you get your fill of it this week!  I am hoping I will have more time for writing in the week to come.  I really have some reviews I need to get posted.

Now that I have rambled long enough, I am going to leave you with some questions . . . What are you doing in preparation of going back to school, for yourself or for your children?  Any good book recommendations you would recommend for the event?  How about online resources or words of wisdom for starting a new year?


  1. Our schools don't start back until September, thankfully.

    I find that you don't need to have read every book referenced in Jasper Fforde's works (I still haven't read Great Expectations) but it does encourage you to read them if you aren't familiar with them. Fforde's books are an excellent way of persuading people to tackle classics!

  2. I'm so glad you're liking The Eyre Affair! I don't know if anyone could possibly have read all the books he references in this series.

    My only words of wisdom about the start of the school year are for myself--get up earlier! I don't have kids, but I live right in the middle of all the district schools. Traffic in the morning on the way to work is going to slow me down!

  3. How funny that you fell asleep with one of your kids on your lap! Bet they got a big kick out of that! :)

    Happy belated anniversary! Make sure that you and DH go out to celebrate!

  4. Tracy ... My daughter's preschool starts in September, but that's not such a huge deal. I guess it does make it easier to only have one at a time for now though! And, I am definitely considering a number of the classics mentioned so far!

    IntrovertedJen ... Fforde had to have read all of them (or at least, I'm assuming)! That alone makes me so impressed!! And, thank you for the advice! That is one of my biggest struggles since I'm a complete night owl, so it is one of my top goals for the year!! How did you know that?!? :)

  5. Alexia561 ... What is really funny is that I feel asleep with the one that can't sit still!! LOL!! And, thank you so much for the anniversary wishes! I'm hoping we can make a date for this weekend! I really want to see a movie (Captain America) before it disappears from theaters!

  6. Glad to hear someone else celebrates wedding anniversaries in the same way!!! ; )

  7. Jenners ... LOL!! So glad to hear that we are not alone!! :)


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