Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Synopsis: June 12, 2011

This week has been a very productive week even if it may not be obvious here on the site.  I have completed a number of projects or am almost done with a number of others.  One of these projects is the final giveaways for Armchair BEA, which should be completely wrapped up by the middle of this week.  What does all this mean for the blog?  It means that I may actually get back to posting on a more regular basis again!

I am still working to finalize a few details for the changes that I mentioned a few weeks ago.  Some of my original thoughts I have reconsidered and have really been thinking a lot of what I really want out of this blog ... what my focus will be, what I want to write about, etc.  As I work through all of this, I invite you to take my survey if you have not already.  I am still looking to hear your thoughts and it won't take more than a few minutes to complete the five quick questions.

Speaking of changes, one thing that I did decide to do this week is set up a Facebook account associated with this site.  I've received a number of friend requests to my personal account, but I like to keep things separated in my life.  Now, I can still have those boundaries, but I still get to have more book-ish (and other random) conversations with all of you.  If you are interested in "being friends", you can find me here or by searching my email address:  tiftalksbooks at gmail dot com.  Of course, I also still have my page, so you can always just "like" me there as well!

I am currently in the midst of reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver for the Tales to Tomes Online Book Club.  If you are joining in this month, be sure to let me know because I really want to talk about this one!!  I have moved most of my conversation about the books to Goodreads, so be sure to join the group!

Last, but not least, I realized this last week that I missed doing a giveaway this year for my 4 year blogiversary.  I think I'm still going to do one, but it will come later in the summer.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do this time around!  If you have any ideas, be sure to share them!

That's it!  I'm off to bury myself in Oliver's loveless dystopian!  While I am away, tell me what you are reading, what you have planned for the week, what you are looking forward to ... you get the idea!


  1. 'Fraid I'm not on Facebook, but I'll continue to read your blog!

  2. Not on FB anymore. Sorry..

  3. Tracy and 365andMe ... No worries! I know where to find you to chat! :)


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