Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 Fairy Tale Challenge: May & June Selections

I missed the link-up for May, so I am now posting a link-up for both May and June this time around for the 2011 Fairy Tale Challenge. Due to the lateness, I am simply going to leave you with a couple of TV series that I will be looking forward to this Fall . . . Grimm and Once Upon A Time.  

Can't decide which one I'm looking forward to the most . . . I think I'm leaning towards Grimm.  How about you?


  1. These both look really good but, yeah, I'm leaning towards Grimm too.

  2. Grimm looks really good. I would watch that.

  3. I'm looking forward to Grimm most, but I wish the preview I saw (not the one in your post, I think) hadn't shown the whole freakin' plot of the first episode! (Possibly even two episodes, I don't know.) I hate when a preview leaves nothing to look forward to. :(

    Anastasia @ Birdbrain(ed) Book blog

  4. Jenny & Lena ... Me too! I like the grimmer aspect! (Pun intended!) :)

    Anastasia ... I think that the preview even here gives a ton of information. I hope that it is not the best of, because you are right . . . we will not have anything to look forward to!

  5. They both look really good. I hadn't heard about Once Upon a Time. I'll be giving them both a try this fall!

  6. IntrovertedJen ... I can't wait to see them! We will have to chat about what we think!


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