Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tales to Tomes Online Book Club: April 2011 Selection

Short and sweet this time because I'm leaving on a jet plane in the morning!  It was a tight race this month, but one book came out ahead . . . by one vote!!  

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Will you be joining me?


  1. Going to put in on hold right now. I am so exited to read this.

  2. I've already read this one but I'll come discuss it with you when you're done!

  3. Best wishes for your journey.
    I'm giving this one a miss - I'm still waiting for Dogsbody to arrive at the library!

  4. OK, I now have a copy of Dogsbody, wil be starting it tonight!

  5. WVRed . . . Yippee!! Let me know when you start it!

    Kristen M. . . . I've read it already as well, but this time will be a read. I listed to it the first time around!

    Tracy . . . Let me know your thoughts on Dogsbody! I will be finally posting the review later this week!

  6. Welcome back Tif! I've finished Dogsbody, so I'll post my thoughts when you review it.

  7. Tracy . . . Awesome! I've been working on projects all weekend, but haven't gotten around to getting my review posted yet. I will this week!!


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