Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Synopsis: March 28, 2011

I'm posting a day late this week because it has simply been so hectic around my household and it is going to remain so for a bit longer.  This past week, a family member that I was very close to passed away after a very long battle with cancer.  It was not completely unexpected, but that did not make it any easier when I received the early morning phone call.  This man was my grandfather, an amazing inspiration to many, serving the country in the Navy and our youth as a music teacher for many years.  To me, he was more than just a vet or a teacher, he was my "poppa" . . . a man that inspired me in many ways, including my love for reading.  A couple of years ago, I wrote about him in one of my Literary Locals posts.  Today, I simply celebrate his life and smile with tears in my eyes as I read from the many students he impacted through the years, hearing how he was a "favorite teacher" or the "greatest influence."  These are not small compliments and my heart swells every time I read another.

With that said, posts will continue to be sparse over the next week.  I am flying back to attend services and be with my family during this difficult time.  However, I am excited to be doing something to allow my grandfather's legacy to move on.  I will be a part of planning and implementing his memorial scholarship to help those in my hometown pursue their educational dreams.  I could not ask for anything more and I hope to someday see the smile on the first of many recipients to receive this honor!

What you can expect this week is the announcement of our next read for Tales to Tomes, set to be posted on Wednesday.  If you have not yet voted, then be sure to do so here!  I will also try to get my review scheduled for Dogsbody for this month's read, but we will see if that gets done.  I have a lot to do before we fly out in a few days!  I will then be back early next week to fill in some gaps.

In my absence, I want to know . . . who has inspired you and your reading?!?  Is it that favorite teacher or a book-loving family member?  Or, is it someone else completely?


  1. I'm sorry about your grandfather. I'll be thinking of you this week and sending mental hugs!

    My mom is probably the inspiration for my reading obsession. She handed me the right books at the right time and yet also let me explore whichever books I wanted to. It's unfortunate that now she never has time to read because there are so many books that I want to share with her!

    (And I'm starting Dogsbody tonight and will hopefully be ready to discuss it whenever you are.)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. The influence I'm thinking about most today is actually author Diana Wynne Jones, who also died of cancer on 3/26. Although by the time I discovered DWJ, I was already an entrenched early reader, I doubt I would have enjoyed reading nearly as much without her legacy.

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandfather, Tif.

    The person who most influenced my reading was my father, he always bought me books and took me to join the library.

  4. Kristen M. . . . Thank you so much! That is so great that you had your mom to inspire your reading and share in this love! That is so sad that she never has the time to read now. (I am almost done with Dogsbody! Not sure if I will finish tonight, but I will be done soon! Let's definitely chat!)

    Rebekah . . . I have only just discovered DWJ thanks to Kristen M. above and was so sad to hear the news about her. It was only days after my grandfather passed away from cancer and my heart just dropped when I heard. Thankfully, she will still live on through her books and I cannot wait to read more!

    Tracy . . . Thank you. Was getting your own library card one of your best memories?!? I don't remember the first time, but I always felt special when I got to use mine when I was younger!

  5. Sending warm wishes and positive prayers your way, Tiff. You have my condolences and sweetest sympathies. That is wonderful about the scholarship program, though and I'm glad your grandfather's legacy will live on for others as it is already embodied in you and your love of reading - which is already being shared with so many.

    My mother is a teacher and my aunt is a librarian so I know a lot of my bibliophilic nature comes from them but my granparents' house was always filled with books too and we still swap great reads among our whole family.

    Best wishes for your trip, and peace and comfort for you and all your family.

  6. Tif, you know what inspired me to be such a reader? In second grade I was hit in my school crosswalk by a drunk driver that fled. For weeks I had to be in a splint and then a walking cast and the principal of my school was so concerned that he refused to let me play outside on recess. Instead I got to go to the library EVERY recess FOR MONTHS!! This is where my love for books began. A blessing in disguise, I like to think!

  7. lisa :) . . . Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. I love to hear that you have had so many reading influences in your life and that the swapping continues!! Love it!!

    living in the moment! . . . I had no idea about this!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I could not even imagine what that time had to have been like for you. Thank goodness you were able to get lost in books to help you heal!


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