Monday, March 7, 2011

SAS-SAF: The Power of a Book

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Today marks the kick-off of another great week of Share a Story, Shape a Future (SAS-SAF), with the theme this year being Unwrapping the Gift of Literacy.  I absolutely love the theme because as the hosts explain it, the theme is two-fold:

  • The ability to read IS a gift ... one that lasts a lifetime; and 
  • Literacy is a gift we can easily give to and share with someone else ... with minimal cost.
Doesn't that just make complete sense to you?!?  Those hosts are smart ones!!  :)

As in the past two years of SAS-SAF, I will be sharing my thoughts about the daily posts and I also intend to share my thoughts on the "Writing About Reading" prompts that are posted.  I love to be able to keep the great information available right here on the blog, where I can quickly reference the information, as well as share those articles that strike a chord with me with my readers.  It is my way of sharing a little literacy love!

Today's topic focuses on The Power of a Book.  Articles focus on the effect on children that receive books for the first time as well as the intangible impact books can have on an individual.  (Boy, many of us know that latter feeling, right?!?)  You can click on the link above for the full extent of the articles, but here are a few that I would  love to share a thought or two on . . .

I must say . . . This was a great kick-off, probably the best yet!  SAS-SAF just keeps getting better and better every year, and we still have four days left!!


  1. Absolutely agree with all of these! I often used to buy books as birthday gifts for children when my kids had to go to the endless round of their classmates' birthday parties, rather than the usual cheap plastic toys and 'gifts' I helped out at my childrens' Primary School for six years, helping children learn to read. It was very noticeable that the children who had the most difficulty in learning to read were those who didn't own any/many books.

  2. Tracy . . . Books are truly a great gift to give because they keep on giving and giving every time you open that cover. I am known for giving them at baby showers. While most people are giving cute little outfits, I am giving childhood classics! Every child needs his/her own books!


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