Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Synopsis: August 29, 2010

It's Sunday again!!!  This last week flew by, but it was completely worth it because it was a great one!!  Despite the craziness of it all, it was a great reading week, I got a lot accomplished, and my class went off without a hitch (almost) . . . Heck, I'm just glad that no one decided to drop it!!  :)

I was busy most evenings this last week reading the recently released Mockingjay, so I didn't get a lot posted.  I'm hoping to turn things around again this week as I begin to settle back into the routine of the school year and get back on track.  I've got a couple of deadlines this week, so we'll see if I get as much posted as I would like.  In the meantime, let's review what I did write this last week . . .

I've got a lot of reading planned for this week and a lot of back-logged reviews that I am going to work on getting written.  And, since it is the end of the month, I will also be posting the monthly Literary Locals feature (haven't decided what to write about here yet!).  I was going to post my monthly challenge check-in tonight as well, but I think I will save that for next week.  I want to see how many more books I can finish over the next six days.  I'm hoping for at least three!!

In other book-ish news, I'm hoping to see Cassandra Clare, author of City of Bones this week!!!!  She has an event scheduled in my area and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the stars will align and I will actually get to go!  I haven't been to an author event in so long and I have a new goal to hit one a month.  Clare will be my first to kick off this goal!!

Not much else here to report!  I'm off to go read City of Bones now!  Have a great week!

What are you currently reading this week?  Do you have any big book-ish events you are looking forward to?


  1. Glad to hear that your week went so well! Fingers crossed that the stars properly align and you're able to make the Cassandra Clare event!

  2. Alexia561 . . . So far, so good!!! Let's hope they keep aligning!! :)


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