Friday, August 27, 2010

FTF Book Discussion: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

A while back, I was in a bookstore perusing the literature shelves when I came across the classic of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  I have never read this tale and once I saw a recent re-interpretation with gorgeous illustrations by Camille Rose Garcia, I knew I had to buy this book.  I have been wanting to pick it up and read it for a few months now, but just keep putting it off again and again.

Thankfully, in one of my many conversations centering around or inspired by my Fairy Tale Fridays feature (FTF), I decided that the time has come!  In many people's minds, Disney is the equivalent of fairy tales.  Though I do not necessarily agree with this statement, it did push me into the decision to include Alice in the Fairy Tale Fridays feature.  I know that I do not particularly consider this story a fairy tale, but hey . . . It's my feature and I will do what I want with it!!

And, I cannot forget to mention that final twist on adding this to the weekly FTF feature . . . AN ABSOLUTELY AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!!!  It is going to be the best giveaway EVER done here at Tif Talks Books!!!  You are going to be shocked and surprised!!  And, every single one of you is going to want this for yourself, whether you win it or not . . . . including me!!!  Of course, I am not going to mention what this giveaway truly is until next week's feature.  It is going to be MADD!!!  :)

Now for the details . . . I will have my review written (hopefully) by Friday, September 3rd.  If, by chance, I am unable to finish the book before then, I will post thoughts about where I am currently at in the book and a complete review at a later date.  I will also launch the giveaway at this time, lasting two weeks.  I encourage you to read along with me, no matter which version you decide to pick up, and post your own review linked up to the usual Mr. Linky provided during FTF.  If you have already read the tale, then feel free to join in as well.  I will include a multitude of discussion questions throughout my review!

For those who may be interested in seeing a bit more of Garcia's amazing artwork throughout the version of Alice that I just had to have, check out this YouTube video . . .

Any questions?  Are you super-pumped?  Have you marked your calendar?  Let's read!!


  1. I just read this recently but still need to read Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass. Maybe I'll read that this week to get in the right frame of mind!

    Side note - I've decided to start collecting different versions of this story because it's one of my favorites and every interpretation is wonderful in its own way. I still need to grab this version!

  2. I'm in, but I'll be reading the illustrated version I had when I was a kid. I read the "real" one a year or two ago, and just didn't enjoy it.

  3. Kristen M. . . . I love this version!! For some reason, I just love the illustrations and perspective, though I cannot pinpoint exactly why! I'm so excited to read it!

    carolsnotebook . . . You didn't enjoy it?!? Now, I'm really interested to see what I think!!


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