Friday, August 13, 2010

Fairy Tale Fridays: A Tibetan Tale

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First things first . . . I need to apologize for getting Fairy Tale Fridays posted late again this week.  I typically like to get it written and posted on Thursday evenings.  Unfortunately, I had a bit of a graceful moment last night, slipping and tripping, resulting in an injury that I spent most of today nursing and investigating!  Thankfully, everything is okay and I will be spending the majority of the weekend with ice on my foot and book in my hand!!

Now, let's get to it . . . this week's selection for Fairy Tale Fridays had us traveling to Tibet.  I found the book Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas by Naomi C. Rose in the fairy tales/traditional tales section of my local library and knew that I had to check it out for myself.  I was not only drawn to the book thanks to this very feature, but I also loved the art on the front cover.  And, it helped that there was also a message from the Dalai Lama himself as the foreword!

The selection that I chose was Chunda's Wisdom Quest.  In a nutshell, the story follows Chunda on his quest to find wisdom as a monk.  I am not familiar with Buddhist religious traditions, but you don't need to be to get the point of this little story.  On Chunda's journey, he meets a yeti . . . one who is hurt, but he fears may eat him.  Despite this fear, he helps the yeti when he is in need and in turn, heals both of them.  My personal moral . . . What comes around, goes around!  Chunda learned a lesson that kindness can help him go a long way, even despite fear or differences we may have with those we help!

I have to wonder if a theme is found among the different Tibetan tales.  What did you read this week?  Please share!

UPCOMING TALES:  Please note that I made a change to include one additional cultural tale next week instead of your choice!  Please feel free to join along with me or switch the weeks around due to late notice!  The special posts mentioned will be coming in the next week!
Friday, August 20th:  The Snow Maiden (Russian Fairy Tale)
Friday, August 27th:  Choose Your Own Tale
Friday, September 3rd:  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (special post to come for details!) 
Friday, September 10th:  Fairy Tale Flick (special post to come for details!)


  1. Our stories were certainly different this week.

    No problem with the Russian tale, since I hadn't chosen anything yet and my library's closed next week (cost-cutting).

  2. I hope your foot's feeling better, too.

  3. How horrible, but I am glad you have no broken bones! I haven't heard of this book, but no doubt there are lots of fairy tales from this region of the world.

  4. carolsnotebook . . . Definitely different this week! I'm glad that you are okay with the switch! BUT, that is horrible news about your library! I couldn't live without mine, even for a short period of time! And, thank you! My foot is feeling better!

    J. Kaye . . . Me too!! I'm so clumsy!! :) And, I am definitely interested in reading more tales from this region!


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