Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blog-Trotting: Writing Around the Blogosphere!

This past week, I was featured on a couple of different sites thanks to Once Upon A Week!  I recommend that you click on over to check it out, read more about me, and of course, support two fellow book bloggers that are simply awesome!!

Over at There's a Book, I participated in When I Was Young - Once Upon A Week Edition and shared a few things about myself both within and outside of the world of books and blogging.  Danielle also shared so many amazing compliments . . . I just hope that I can live up to all of them!!

I was also found over at Today's Adventure for a Once Upon A Week Blogger Spotlight.  I divulged a very interesting unknown fact about myself over there . . . at least, in the blogging world!  Actually, even those in real life are a bit shocked by it!!


  1. You can! :) I already feel you have super-human abilities. :)

  2. Kristen M . . . Sadly, no! Think more along the lines of "peace, love, and happiness" . . . at least, that is what I tell them they stand for!! :) If I ever get another, it will definitely be bookish though! My cousin has one that is super cute that is bookish . . . a dragon reading!!

    J. Kaye . . . Why, thank you!! That means a lot coming from you!! :)


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