Thursday, March 11, 2010

Share-A-Story, Shape-A-Future Day 4: Old Favorites, New Classics

Special Thanks to Susan Stephenson of The Book Chook for the art!

Today's topic for Share a Story, Shape a Future is Old Favorites, New Classics.  It's a day filled with lots of reminiscing, but with a modern day twist!  Let's take a jaunt through the different links to see what they have to offer . . .

Over at There's a Book, the1stdaughter shares her feature When I Was Young: The Books That Got Them Started.  She asks fellow book bloggers what books got them hooked on reading and she highlights a few of these inspiring books.  I recognize a few of the books, but definitely need to add a couple to my wish list.  It also really got me thinking what book I would choose.  Though it would be a very difficult decision, I would probably go with The Boxcar Children.  It's a definite favorite that I even turn to in my adult years!

The Reading Countess examines Childhood Favorites, ones from her own childhood and ones that her current students have shared.  I love that I recognized and own many of the books on her list!!

Kate's Book Blog examines more modern books, providing a large list of books that she would personally recommend in the dystopian category.  The first listed is a series that I am anxiously awaiting the final book to be released in August!  Without looking, can you guess what that may be???  I also happen to be currently reading another of the books on the list . . . The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

Professor Nana shares some additional modern titles with a focus on family.  I have not read any on the list, but I do have a couple on my wish list already!

The Pen and Ink Blog shares some great first line of stories, some for boys, some for girls, and a few picture books as well.  I have to admit . . . Most of the books mentioned for the boys intrigued me more than others!!  :)

Last, but not least, I currently host a weekly feature known as Fairy Tale Fridays.  In this weekly feature, we discover or re-visit fairy tales and fables.  In honor of Share a Story, Shape a Future, participants will be sharing their own personal favorite tales from their childhood.  Be sure to check it out tomorrow and feel free to join us in sharing your memories as well!

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