Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Reading Resolutions

Wow!! I cannot believe how fast 2009 flew by and as I have mentioned already, it was a very busy year!! When I started out the year, I had very high expectations. (Feel free to go back to my resolutions for 2009 to see just how high.) Unfortunately, those expectations simply did not pan out. In fact, I failed miserably! Let's take a quick look at them to see just how bad . . .
  • I had resolved to review 100 books. I only ended up writing 50 reviews. However, if I had been caught up on my pile, then I may have just made this goal. The positive side . . . I will still be reviewing these in 2010! Be watching for them!
  • I had resolved to complete ALL challenges. I have not yet finished going through all of my challenges yet, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that I did not fulfill this goal either. I will be posting a wrap-up post for all challenges that I signed up for or worked on in 2009 very soon.
  • I had resolved to review more children's books. This is one genre that I do not review all books that I necessarily read with my children. There are simply too many and I only want to pass on the ones that my kids and I love (except for those that have been requested). I did review many more children's books this year, and intend to do so in future years as well!

I guess I did meet one of the three, so maybe I was not a complete failure afterall!

Now, what's in store for 2010? Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I will truly be concentrating on finding my balance. I am hoping that 2010 will be a year of discovery, a year of getting back to my roots, a year of harmony. I'm going to keep my resolutions brief for this very purpose. I intend to just have some fun, re-discover some of my favorite genres, get caught up on some series, and continue to make some great blogging friends!! I can't wait for whatever the year may bring!!

Have you set any goals for 2010? Or, are you like me and just plan on taking it as it comes?


  1. My goals are the same as yours, take it easy and enjoy myself. If I'm not enjoying my reading then what's the point! My other loose goals are to try and read more from my home stacks (aiming for getting through half of my TBRs) and to get back to more re-reading to remember why I love the books I keep around the house!

  2. Kristen . . . we are completely on the same page!! I've got to tackle those home stacks myself and I really want to re-visit a few books too!

  3. I have set some goals, but like you, I am making 2010 more about the fun! I know I won't complete all my challenges (mainly because I am a challenge-a-holic) and want to focus more on what great reads challenges bring to me instead. I want to read less of what I think I *should* read and more of what I *want* to read.

  4. Rebecca . . . That is exactly what I'm thinking! More want, less should (or obligated)!!


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