Friday, November 27, 2009

Every Last Cuckoo by Kate Maloy

A while ago, I was passed on a book from Kristen over at We Be Reading. I finished reading it months ago, but as you all know, I am a little behind on my reviews. However, I have to be honest with you . . . I have been avoiding this review. I have been avoiding it for the reason that it is going to be one that is not glowing. It was a book that did not kept me interested. It took me longer than usual to read. I simply could not get into the story and one particular portion turned me off completely. But, before I move on, let me give you the brief synopsis from the back cover . . .

Sarah Lucas imagined the rest of her days would be spent living peacefully in her rural Vermont home in the steadfast company of her husband. But after Charles dies suddenly, seventy-five-year-old Sarah is left inconsolably alone - until a variety of wayward souls come seeking shelter in her big, empty house. As Sarah and this unruly flock form a family of sorts, they nurture and protect one another, discovering unsuspected strength and courage.

All in all, I really enjoyed the concept behind this book. I loved the possibility of "wayward souls" coming together to discover "unsuspected strength and courage." I was thinking it would be an uplifting book, one to inspire. However, I felt that I only received a choppy story . . . one that had so much promise, but one that I felt just left me hanging and not wanting more. Maybe I had set my expectations too high. Maybe I just could not relate to the main character who came generations before me. I really cannot pinpoint the exact reasoning behind my dislike for this book . . . BUT, I can pinpoint the exact moment it became a hopeless case for me . . . page 219. The author used a word that I absolutely detest and I still cannot figure out the reason for the usage. Typically, language in books does not bother me . . . but when it is this particular word and there is really no need for it, I do not have much tolerance for it.

From what I have read, many do like this book. At this time, it was simply not for me.


  1. Tif, I admire your courage in writing an honest review when you haven't enjoyed a book. I too have read books where it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly it is that makes a book not work for me. Sometimes, a writer does everything technically okay, but you and the book just don't match. For whatever reason.

  2. Well, you made it through the book which is more than I can say. I believe I only read one or two chapters and just felt that it was too dark and depressing for me. I also thought the blurb was promising but the story brought me down so low right from the start that there was no impetus for me to continue.

    I'm glad to finally hear what you thought of this book but I'm sorry to have passed on something that you didn't love!

  3. It's okay, you don't have to like every book... I do feel bad when I don't like a book that everyone else seems to (that review's forthcoming), but reading is your experience, so you shouldn't apologize for it.

  4. The Book Chook . . . Thank you! This is exactly what happened with this one.

    Kristen . . . No worries!!! How were you to know what I would think? :)

    heidenkind . . . I do find myself apologizing in these circumstances!! I want to be honest, but I sometimes feel bad when I am! Good point though . . . I really shouldn't have to apologize for my reading experience! Thank you!


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