Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Do You Roll?

As I have been updating my site and making changes galore, I cannot for the life of me decide what to do about my blog roll! I used to just list the sites that I visit on a regular basis using links, but that just became out of date and I did away with it completely while I made my changes. I've seen others use a variety of other ways . . . use the blogroll for all those they follow, only use the roll for their top faves, and yet others strictly just highlight their top commenters for the week.

I'm curious what you think and what you believe the purpose of the blogroll to be! How do you use your blogroll? Do you find yourself exploring others' blogrolls? What do you prefer . . . the blogroll (name, last post, and when posted) or just a link?

Let me know how you "roll"!!


  1. Well, gee, I uh...well, I don't actually have a blog roll. I always meant to, but I never got around to putting one up.

    I think that having the last post is nice, but not necessary. :)

  2. I removed my blogroll because I decided it was taking way too long to load. So I can't really help you--sorry!

  3. Mine show's when a blog I like has been updated. So I have blogs on there I like to read daily. I haven't gotten the hang of using a reader. I really prefer to go to the actual blog to read.

  4. I'm in the midst of trying to decide what to do with mine as well, so I have 3 at the moment. One for new blogs I've recently discovered, one for blogs I found during BBAW, and another for my faves that I try to visit every day. Three is too many, but I'm now sure which direction I want to go yet.

    I use them to keep track of blogs I like and visit the one's with the most recent posts. I did have post titles on all of them, but it was taking forever for my page to load so now I just have the big one sorted by most recent posting.

    Can't say I've ever really looked at anyone else's blogroll, but I use mine all the time!

    Good luck!

  5. I use my blogroll to highlight blogs that I read and enjoy. I have the last date updated and I try and add new ones and remove inactive ones every couple of months. I have two of them -- one for book related blogs and one for other types of blogs that I read.

    As for other people's blogrolls, I click through when I'm trying to find something new to read so I really like for their blogrolls to be current.

  6. I use mine for the top weekly commenters. I was like you for a long time. At first, mine was like Zia's then it grew to an insane number. The decision to use it as a way to thank the top weekly commenters seemed like the right thing to do.

  7. I list all of the blogs I follow with their last post. It actually helps me to find posts that I may have missed looking through the reader. I have found a lot of other blogs by looking at the blogroll of sites I enjoy.

  8. J.T. . . . I think I'm going to eventually put something back up, but I'm not sure what yet! Still trying to decide!

    heidenkind . . . That's what I'm worried about!!! :)

    Zia . . . I don't see myself using it as my way of keeping track of my favorite blogs because I do use Reader. I still go to the actual blog when I want to comment. It's fun to see all the designs!!

    Alexia561 . . . I am concerned about the load time, and that is what keeps me from doing this. I guess I will think about it some more! Afterall, I do use Reader!

    Kristen M. . . . That's why I'm thinking I want to do something! I will peruse other's blogrolls as well, so it's nice to have one that is current and recommendations I can rely on!

    J. Kaye . . . I really like this idea of your's!! I simply do not believe I have the followers that you do at this time to do it!!! :)

    Laura's Reviews . . . I have found others too and that's why I want to do something here!! Still trying to decide what I am going to actually do!!


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