Saturday, September 19, 2009

Evaluating Tif Talks Books

The final "assignment" for Book Blogger Appreciation Week is for us to, in a sense, evaluate our personal blogs . . . to share what we personally like AND to share where we feel we are heading and/or what we can do to improve by this time next year. I believe that much of what I want to do is in line with my Reading Resolutions for 2009:
  • Review more books in general . . . I was shooting for at least 100!
  • Complete ALL challenges!
  • Review more children's books!

I think that this time next year, I would like to see all of these fulfilled! I believe that I am on the right track. (1) I am not sure if I will make 100 total, but I'm sure hoping I do. According to my current count, I am at 42 (but there may very well be multiple reviews in one in this count). I also have a very large stack of books that I have completed that I have not yet reviewed that should put this list well above 50. (2) At this time, I have completed all of my challenges. I have a lot of work to do to complete my current ones though!! (3) I have reviewed a much larger number of children's book and still have the majority of Caldecott winners left as well.

With that said, I feel that I have had a lot going on this past year. We have moved to yet another new state. Due to my questionable sanity, we were actually virtually homeless for about a month and a half during this move. I went back to working full-time for the first time in two years. In fact, this is really the first time that I am working since I started this blog!! When I wrote my very first blog post, I was in my last weeks of my old job and getting ready to move yet again!! (Yes, we move a LOT!!) And, this time around, I now have two children and a husband who works a ridiculous amount of hours (whereas before, I only had one child and my husband was home a lot)! Does this really give me an excuse? No, not really! I just feel that I am still trying to find my new balance in life. It's been difficult and there have been times that I have not wanted to continue . . . but really, writing and blogging CAN be a stress reliever for me! I find it healing and cannot express how thankful I am for the support of this community. You will never know just how much you have helped me to survive these many transitions this past year!!!! You have been my much-needed constant!!!!

Now, this was technically supposed to be a max of 100 words according to the BBAW request. I think I surpassed that in the first paragraph, so I am going to wrap it up by just a few additional bullet points.


  • More consistent posts with scheduled reviews!!
  • I'm hoping to start a weekly event in early 2010. I have all the ideas and logistics, but am waiting for my life to become a little more adjusted and me to become a little more reliable!
  • To stay caught up with my Google Reader! I've been wanting to add more blogs to my Reader, but am already behind on reading everything!
  • To FINALLY lauch my additional changes that I have been wanting to launch for more than a month now! Hopefully, this one will come sooner rather than later!!
  • "To accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference." (Just a little something that I always need to remind myself when setting goals in my life!)


  • I like that I review a large array of books. It reflects my personality and who I am in real life . . . diverse and open-minded!
  • I pride myself in my honesty when reviewing a book.
  • I love my new design!! And, I think that my changes I mentioned above will only allow the love to grow stronger!
  • I have greatly improved in my writing and formatting over the last couple of years! And, I love to know that it can only get better!

Thanks for sticking with me until the end of this post!!! Enjoy, and I encourage each of you to post here or email me with what you like or what you would like to see changed or improved on. I love to hear from all my readers and appreciate your comments!!!


  1. It's hard to keep up with blogging and with life at the same time but we just do the best we can, right?

    You do a great job already, Tif! :)

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  3. I think your blog is swell :) But self-evaluating is always good. I might do this, even though it's a few days late...

  4. Kristen . . . Yes we do!!! And, thank you!!

    Elena . . . Thank you too!! I think it is good to take a look at your work and critique it! It helps me to decide what's important and what's not!! And, my theory is . . . better late than never . . . you could always save it for the end of the year instead! :)

  5. Great to set a lot of goals-I already love your blog! Keeping up with ones google reader is very difficult!

  6. What an awesome post! I'm like you. My taste in books reaches far and wide. ;)

  7. Great job on the evaluation! And we have similiar goals: to review 100 books and to complete all my challenges. You're ahead of me on the reviews, but I'm working on it! *L*

    Love your blog, and looking forward to seeing your weekly event next year!

    Keep up the good work! :)

  8. Peaceful Reader . . . I always tend to reach high, but sometimes don't always get that high!! We will see how this year ends up! I always end up realizing that I have to just take one day at a time!! :)

    J. Kaye . . . Thank you!! Maybe that's why I love your blog so much!!

    Alexia561 . . . I'm really curious as to if I will get to that 100 mark this year! We can be routing each other on!! How does that sound?!?! :) And, of course, thank you!!


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