Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moose, Bear and Hummingbird by Susan Tone, Gabriel D'Luzansky and Mary Delaney

Moose, Bear and Hummingbird is a little-known children's picture book. As I was doing a little research on it before writing this review, I could not find really much on the book. Even the web address that was given in the back of the book was no longer valid. How did I get a copy of the book? My grandparents gave it to my son as a gift a couple of years ago. They only buy local authors, so my guess is that it must be VERY local!!

In Moose, Bear and Hummingbird by Tone, D'Luzansky, and Delaney, three very unlikely animals befriend each other and learn cooperation. They work together in helping to save the forest and assist Beaver in rebuilding her home. I personally found it a very sweet and easy-to-relate story. Each of the characters appreciated each other for their differences and worked towards their strengths in their fight for survival. And, I cannot forget to add that I found the illustrations to be absolutely beautiful!!

It is just so sad that I could not find more about the book or the authors. It could be a great book to share as a family, through a friendship group, or in the classroom!


  1. Hello,
    This is Susan Tone, one of the three authors of Moose, Bear and Hummingbird. Nice to see our book reviewed and I'm sorry the website is no longer up. Currently, readers can find the book in stores around Yellowstone National Park where the story takes place. We sell through Riverbend Publishing which makes sure the books get into these gift stores during the summer months. This book is illustrator Debbie Parker's first venture into children's books. She did an incredible amount of research and found that moose, bears and hummingbirds live together in only a small number of places - Yellowstone being one. We're glad you appreciate her artwork and I'll make sure to tell her. Thank you for your comments.

  2. Hi Tif,

    This is Gabriel Dluzansky, aka Bear, another one of the three authors of Moose, Bear and Hummingbird.

    Its great to see our book so positively reviewed and I do apologize for the website being temporarily inactive. Apparently the domain name host server used to initially set up the website is no longer active, however, please know that ownership of the domain name has indeed been maintained.

    Given your comment, I'll look into finding another domain name host server. And, any suggestions for same in addition to a literary agent to assist us with a second printing in paperback and distribution to a global audience would be very much appreciated.

    In the meantime, anyone interested in purchasing an autographed copy of the hardcover book can directly contact me at while a very limited supply is still available.

    And 'thank you' so much for your kind words regarding our 'first fruit' as published authors and illustrator.

    Take Care,


  3. Susan . . . It is so good to hear from you and I am glad you found my review! I think the book is also found in little bookstores across Montana too because I know that is where this one was bought!! It was such a great little book and I love the illustrations! Thank you!! If you are ever interested in doing a guest post or interview, just let me know!! I would be happy to have you!!

    Gabriel, aka "Bear" . . . It is so good to see you here as well!! Thank you so much for the comments!! When you get your new site up and running, please feel free to let me know! I would love to be able to post it here when you do! And, I would also like to offer you the same as I did with Susan . . . If you would ever like to do a guest post or interview here on my site, please let me know. I would be happy to have you!

    Thank you again to both of you!! And, best of luck in your future endeavors!!


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