Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tales by Mike O'Donovan

A couple of years ago, my mother-in-law took a trip through Europe. As a gift to my son, she picked up a few different books, including these tales by Mike O’Donovan. The best part of all . . . they are personally addressed to my sweet little man and autographed by the author! A wonderful gift!!

Timmy and the Dragon
Timmy, a lone child is left after great destruction brought forth from a dragon and his master, Giles De Montefiore. When he least expects it, the young boy finds a little help from an unexpected source, the Leprechauns.

Cormac: King of the Leprechauns
In the follow-up tale to Timmy and the Dragon, we once again meet the Leprechauns and their king, Cormac. Will Cormac’s decisions help to save their treasures? Will De Montefiore win out this time around?

Overall, I thought these tales were cute. Personally, I did enjoy Timmy and the Dragon more so than the follow-up companion. In the follow-up, I was a bit confused about the relevance of the worms in fact!! Maybe I was missing something?!?! In addition, I did read these books aloud and found it difficult at times to do so due to many grammatical errors within them. I found myself starting and stopping multiple times, creating a very uneven flow while reading and to put it simply, interrupting my enjoyment of the tales. I was disappointed to see that these simple errors were not fixed prior to publication.

In the end, despite my complaints, these stories brought a little bit of Ireland to the States for us and they will always be cherished gifts in our family!

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