Monday, May 12, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

A couple of years ago, I started this series on a whim. I really was just curious to know what the hype was about these books! Anyways, since I have been reading some pretty "heavy" books lately, I thought that I would read some "lighter" reads and grabbed these ones off of my shelf!

#1: The Bad Beginning
The poor Baudelaire's become orphans and meet the villianous Count Olaf. The unfortunate life of the Baudelaire's begins with the evil Olaf trying to steal their intended inherited fortune.

#2: The Reptile Room
The Baudelaire orphans are sent to live with Uncle Monty, a lover of reptiles. They find a good home and a good guardian, but Count Olaf once again appears to attempt at stealing their fortune.

#3: The Wide Window
The orphans are found another home and guardian, once again. Aunt Josephine, a woman living a very frightened life, does her best to take care of the children, but Olaf once again appears and ruins the Baudelaire's hope at happiness.

#4: The Miserable Mill
Once again, the orphan children are moved to a new home, but this time one that is far from happy! They are put to work in a lumber mill, paid in coupons, and only receive one meal a day. And, of course, the persistent Count Olaf once again returns. Hopefully, but most unlikely, the Baudelaire's will be placed in a better home next time!

Overall, these books are very simple, yet depressing (as you can tell from the title of the series!). However, I do think that they can teach great lessons to young adults . . . . in particular, vocabulary! Crazy, but true!! Far from my favorite books, but still they serve their purpose of my needing an easy read!

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