Monday, January 14, 2008

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

I am seriously flying through these books by Stephanie Meyer! I just cannot get enough of them! I finished the second in the series a couple of days ago (and hope to finish the third one today or tomorrow). These books are seriously so addictive!

I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day about this series and a comment was made that it is unbelievable that she has gotten so involved in a book about vampires! I thought that was such an interesting comment and it got me thinking. Personally, I have read quite a few books about vampires and werewolves; however, there is something VERY different about these books! Why are so many people so enthralled by them? I really think that it is because the characters are so likeable . . . and in many cases, so loveable! In typical vampire and werewolf stories, they are considered horrors . . . monsters of the worse kind. Horror flicks often depict them in much the same light. Honestly, this is the first time that I have read a book of this subject that does not depict these characters in such a horrible light! The werewolves are the protectors of their people. The vampires try to make good choices by choosing to be "vegetarians" . . . to live among the humans as an equal rather than as predator and prey. What a novel idea! Seriously, how can you not love them?!?

As for details of this story . . . I will say that this book is definitely weaker than the first, Twilight; however, I could not put it down just the same. I loved getting to know Jacob Black, the warm, friendly savior of Bella in her time of need. Though I will say that I think Edward dropped a notch on my likeable list because of his actions! Stupid, stupid choices in my opinion! Honestly, I think that the whole crowd relies way to much on Alice's visions when they know that it is an imperfect science! The one thing that really bothers me about this whole book though . . . poor Bella! She now has two amazing men in her life, two men who are complete opposites and to make matters worse, mortal enemies! What is she to do? Will she be able to continue both relationships, especially if she is EVER bitten? And, do I personally think that she should be bitten? Right now, I'm thinking "no"! I'm secretly wishing that Jacob wins out! After all, he's seems like the much "warmer" guy! :) Who knows . . . I may change my mind on this one! After all, can you really control who you fall in love with? Does Bella really have much choice, especially now that you add the Volturi to the mix? I guess we will see!

Anyways, I will just reiterate my opinion on this series in closing . . . if you have not read these books, you MUST! They are so good! And, be checking back because I am almost complete with Eclipse, and will be writing my final thoughts on the series (or at least until the fourth and final book is released!). So, until next time . . .

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  1. Okay, so do you SPEED READ or something? Because that is just crazy!

  2. I do have a tendency to fly through books, especially when they are this good! However, I will admit that I've been a bit neglectful lately around the house! :) I actually told myself that I couldn't pick up a book today until my house was cleaned! :)

  3. Oooo - I loved this series. Eclipse rocked my world. Can't wait to see your review. I'm dying for the fourth one to come out. This is going to be one long summer!

  4. I read all three in four days.... did ANYTHING else get done at my house? I plead the fifth.


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