Tuesday, August 28, 2007

American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Toilet Training

I am currently in the midst of potty training, so I felt that I should get a book to maybe help out with the process. I had no idea where to start from the multitude of books that are out there on this subject, so I went with the trusted name of American Academy of Pediatrics. I thought that this was a great book to give you the factual information regarding the process as well as tips and tricks to combat issues that arise, but I just don't know if this fulfilled my personal need in the subject of the more practical side of toilet training.

For one thing, I am still completely confused as to if I should reward my son with tangible items when he successfully goes in his potty. The psychology side of me hesitates giving him food as a reward. I don't want my son to expect to get a piece of candy every time he goes to the bathroom or accomplishes something in life. However, I know the benefits of a reward system, so maybe a gold star would be helpful? Or, should the accomplishment of him going be enough? The lack of information on this subject makes it difficult for me to decide what I should do! I know that every child is different and different things will work, but sometimes I wish a manual was written for my child in particular! :)

On the other hand, some simple tips, such as plastic bedliners and the layering of sheets and waterproof pads were such an excellent idea! When the time comes, I will definitely be keeping these in mind!

Overall, I felt that this book provided me a lot of great information; however, I am still looking for more information on using the reward system or other incentives for a toilet training child. If anyone else has any other great book recommendations or websites, please share them with me! Or, feel free to even share your wisdom here as well!

On another note, I thought it was really interesting that I should finish this book on the eve of the release of this particular article on MSNBC on potty training . . . http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20464264/. Since it was perfect timing and this book that I just finished reading was referenced, I thought that I would share my thoughts as well on this subject! I am personally very skeptical about toilet training from birth. Though it would be great for the environment and help keep the pocketbook from being completely empty, I wonder if it would truly benefit the child. The one question that comes to my mind . . . Is a parent who starts the potty training process from birth doing it for the betterment for their child (when they are not physically ready!) or are they doing it for themselves (with the idea that the sooner that their child is trained the less mess they will have to clean up)? I don't know. When I look back to my son being a newborn or just a few months old, he oftentimes messed his diaper when he was in the middle of eating. There were no signs, but it was always a given that at some point in time his system would clear. Maybe I was missing something. Maybe I'm just naive in this area. If someone could shine some light on "diaper-free babies" for me, please do so. I'm very curious! :)


  1. I could never do EC with my kids, I was never saw any signs. Like you my kids would go potty while eating too, that would not be a good thing.

    In reguards to the rewards system. I did treats, I hate to admit it, but it worked well. She got a treat every time she went potty for the first few days (I am talking about a couple skittle as a treat so she wasn't on sugar over load). The I slowly stopped giving her treats. Then after a few days she was going with no reward at all. That probably doesn't help you though since you don't want to use sweets. I am under the train of though though that a few days with a treat reward system will probably have little affect.. now if it were always that would be a different story.

    Good luck!

  2. So, you only did treats for a few days? Did she ask for them after you stopped giving them to her? Sorry, I'm full of questions at the moment!! :)

  3. When she would go potty she would say "lets get potty candy mama". To that I would say I don't have any right now maybe next time you go potty. Then it slowly tapered off over the course of a few days. She eventually stopped asking, and I eventually stopped giving. Your fine ask all the questions you want!

  4. Check out my blog- I put up a post about my favorite potty training book!!!! Hope it helps you out too!!


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