Tuesday, January 15, 2019


As I stated in my last post, these past few months have been difficult for me, and because of that, reading has taken a drastic hit around here.  I'm still reading, but just not often and mostly via audiobooks.  However, words in all forms remain a key piece of my life ... and in this stage of my life, the words take the form of music.  I have been listening to a wide array of music, but I have particularly been focusing on music to empower and inspire me.  Like this one . . .

I have listened to different forms of this song during other difficult times.  Not all the lyrics are what I can relate to each time, but the phrase "I'm A Survivor" is definitely one that sticks with me and can usually bring me out of my funk .... not always, but usually.

As I listen to all these empowering songs, I run.  I have taken to running one to three miles everyday.  I don't always run the entire way, but I am getting stronger and more capable with each mile that my feet hit the street.  And, as I run and listen to my playlists, I listen to the messages within the songs.  Each of these songs are truly short stories in and of themselves.  So, despite the fact that my reading has decreased, my love for a good story has not, especially for ones that bring me strength and hope.

I love stories in all forms, and right now, they happen to be told through music and I listen to them over and over and over again.

YOUR TURN:  What are the songs that you have found to be the most inspiring and empowering during the difficult times?


  1. Here's mine:


    1. techeditor ... I have not previously heard this song. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  2. My music choices during hard times really varies. Sometimes I need to listen to really hard rock (my go-to music choice) or sometimes I need to listen to some mello stuff that matches my mood except it does help me. Sometimes I like to have fun and blast some 80s hair band stuff. Or all of the above. haha I haven't been going through anything really difficult, just stressful (I moved about 12 hours from the place I've called home for a loooong time) and it was hard and I've found it really difficult to fall into a book these days so I can completely understand that. I'd like to think we'll find our groove again soon. :)

    1. Bonnie R ... We will totally find our groove again!! And, music will help us along the way. I'm kind of feeling I need to go listen to some 80s hair band now myself!!


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