Wednesday, October 25, 2017

WEEKLY WANDERINGS: Readathon Results on Wednesday

It's Wednesday, and I have no idea where the last couple of days went!  I guess time flies when you're having fun ... or are really, really busy!  Somehow I got roped into teaching Girl Scout lessons and coaching my daughter's basketball team.  Sometimes, I have no idea how things like this happen!!

The one thing that I do know about though is the readathon this last weekend.  Here's a quick hour breakdown by the hour . . .

Hour 1:  Sleeping.

Hour 2:  Woke up, showered, got ready for the day.

Hour 3:  Check-ins with other participants.  Read 13 pages.

Hour 4:  Listened to 27 minutes while making a big breakfast with the family.

Hour 5:  Read 16 pages.

Hour 6:  Somehow I fell asleep and took a little nap!!

Hour 7:  Listened 46 minutes.

Hour 8:  Listened 36 minutes.

Hour 9:  Check-ins with other participants.

Hour 10:  Read 119 pages.

Hour 11:  Read 91 pages.

Hour 12:  Power nap!

Hour 13:  Read 82 pages.

Hour 14:  Dinner, then read 18 pages.

Hour 15:  Read 57 pages.

Hour 16:  Read 30 pages.

Hour 17:  Read 80 pages.

Hour 18:  Read 84 pages.

Hour 19:  Read 82 pages.

Hour 20-24:  Sleep!

The final totals for the day ended up being pretty good, and the relaxation and rest that I got was exactly what I needed.  Here are the final details . . .

Listened 109 minutes.
Read 672 pages.
Finished 5 books.

I call that success!!

Did you participate in the readathon?  How did you do?


  1. I’d call that a huge success. I wanted to participate this year but couldn’t. I did listen to one of my books a little.

    1. Jenny ... So, you did get to participate a little bit!!

  2. 5 books? Dang, girl! That IS a successful readathon!

    1. Michelle ... Well, two of them I had already started, and the other three were graphic novels. But, I'm still gonna take it. It was so relaxing and fun!

  3. I got through two books and then went in the middle of the day and bought three more. Isn't Readathon supposed to shrink our TBRs? ;)
    I'm glad you got so much relaxation time!

    1. Kristen M. ... I'm not sure the readathon has ever shrunk my TBR!! I always end up adding more books to my lists!


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