Monday, February 27, 2017


If you are a regular reader of Tif Talks Books, you know that I am a fan of all things Harry Potter.  You would likely be surprised to know that after all these years, I had never connected to Pottermore.  I was waiting until my children were older, had read more of the books, and I could more fully enjoy the website with them.  

I am currently in the midst of reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with my kids, so it seemed like the right time to finally get connected to Pottermore.  My daughter and I sat down this last week, and we had a little fun getting sorted out.  Here's a few details of the results . . . . 

I was sorted into Gryffindor House!!  I had always suspected Gryffindor (or maybe I just desired it!) and it was so much fun and gratifying to see that Pottermore officially sorted me here.  For those who may not know, Gryffindors are known for being brave, courageous, chivalrous, daring, and bold.  Okay.  Maybe this doesn't 100% sound like me, but I am still honored.

As for the Ilvermorny House, I was sorted into Thunderbird.  I am not as familiar with this house, and look forward to reading more about it in the days and weeks to come.  According to the website though, Thunderbirds represent the soul and favors adventurers.

In other wizarding news, I discovered that my patronus is a Bassett Hound and my wand is a Redwood Wood with a Unicorn Hair 14 1/2" and Rigid Flexibility.  

Through my initial wanderings through the site, I also discovered the Fantastic Beasts mobile game.  My daughter and I decided to give it a little try and we have loved playing it a little each day!  It's a combination of hidden objects, little spells, and discovering new beasts through a bit of a detective approach.  

I still have so many things to discover on the website, and I will probably be doing some of it with and without my children.  Afterall, my kids have not yet finished the series and I am a strong believer in not spoiling books.

In life news, there have been some ups and downs over the last week and the schedule for the next couple of weeks is going to be absolutely crazy!  I'm hoping I can still find some time to get in a bit of reading, explore some more Pottermore, and play a bit of Fantastic Beasts with my girl.

Have you connected to Pottermore?  What house were you sorted into and what might be your patronus?  Have you connected to the Fantastic Beasts mobile game?


  1. I haven't gotten on Pottermore yet. Maybe one day. I love basset hounds. That's awesome that you got that as your patronus.

    1. Jenny ... I haven't spent a lot of time on it yet, but it was fun to do the sortings and patronus. When I have those few down times, I hope to spend a little more time there.

  2. I actually haven't visited Pottermore at all yet either. It just seemed like a big time-consuming thing that I've always said I would do "later" when I had time. Well, you know how those things end up. Later hasn't come yet. ;)

    1. Kristen M. ... Ha! I totally get that! When we have time actually doesn't come very often!


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