Monday, November 28, 2016

The End of #ThankfullyReading Weekend

The long Thanksgiving weekend here in the States has come to a close, which means that the Thankfully Reading Weekend has also come to an end.  I shared with you last week my intent to participate in this annual event, and I went into the weekend with some pretty high hopes.  In fact, here is what I had to say as the event kicked off on Wednesday . . .
My life has been so chaotic and my schedule filled to the brim, but this weekend will be about catching up on some much-needed tasks around the house, spending some good time with family, and then a LOT of reading.

So, how did I fair on all these goals?  Well, I did catch up on many of those household tasks as I prepared for my family to arrive, and then cleaned up after they left.  I still have a bit of laundry I need to finish up, but that will get done over the next couple of days when I find the time.  I spent a LOT of good time with my family.  It was fun to get together, catch up, laugh, and then laugh some more.  I had the joy of spending a couple of days with a cousin that I have not seen in a while, and it was so good to hang out with him.  As for the reading, I think it was only okay.

I had hoped to finish my current audiobook, but it expired on me with less than an hour left.  I was not able to renew it, and discovered that I am #5 on the holds list.  Needless to say, I found a new audiobook and I went in search for the book at my local library to finish it in print.  For those wondering, the audiobook was Son by Lois Lowry, and I really needed to know what happened at the end of this quartet.  Overall, I think I listened to about an hour and a half of audio over the weekend.

As for the print books, I did not complete any books that I read, but I did read a bit here and there.  I read more Sherlock.  I read through a good chunk of my friend's manuscript.  And, I read more Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with my kids.  I did not keep track of all my total pages like I usually do, but I bet a read a few hundred pages overall.

Today, it was hard to return to work.  I know that I had a good long weekend to enjoy and relax, but I felt that I could have used one more whole day devoted only to reading and not all the other stuff.  Oh well!  I will accept what I did accomplish, and continue to enjoy my stories in the evenings and my spare time throughout this week.

How was your (Thanksgiving) weekend?  Were you able to get in some good reading time?


  1. How you managed to read anything during the holiday weekend is a mystery to me. I never manage to read when there's so much going on.

    1. Jenny ... I had really hoped for more reading, but at this point, I will take what I can. My reading has been pretty sparse this year compared to most!

  2. I hate when books expire right when you're done with them! I may or may not have once turned off my wifi in order to finish the last hour....

    1. Allison @ The Book Wheel ... I was considering doing that this time, but I didn't get to it in time!!!


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