Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Maunder: November 2015 in Review

It is that time again to wrap up another month, and what is amazing is that it is almost time to wrap up another year.  Where has the time gone?!?  These last few months in particular have flown by!  Before December disappears, let's take a quick look at November in review.

The TOP POST for the month was 2015 Thankfully Reading Weekend, both in the hits and comments.  I had another month that was slow in the posting.  I'm going to be realistic here and tell you that it may be another week or two before I can start catching up again.  These next couple of weeks are packed with work and children's events and holiday activities.  I will write when I can, but it probably will not be much.

The TOP PIC for the month was my stack of books for the Thankfully Reading Weekend.  Sadly, I posted only a couple of pics in November, so I'm really hoping to increase those for the month of December.

My BOOKS READ for the month definitely increased compared to the last few months.  I am going to attribute that to the Thankfully Reading Weekend too, and not just to keep with the pattern that seems to be established in the other categories.  The list is below:
  1. The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
  2. Around the Writer's Block by Rosanne Bane
  3. Christine by Stephen King
  4. The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
  5. Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill 
  6. Fables #21:  Happily Ever After by Bill Willingham
  7. Fables #22:  Farewell by Bill Willingham

As for my FAVORITE READ for the month, I am going to have to name two different titles:  Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill and Fables #22:  Farewell by Bill Willingham.  I really enjoyed the first one because it was truly spooky, and I have not read a book like that in a long time.  And, for the second one, I have to mention it because it is the finale of a series that I have loved.  It is stack of books that I can see myself returning to again and again.  Overall, I had a really great reading month and this month is already off to a great start as well.

I am currently nine books behind my goal of 80 for the year.  I am LOOKING FORWARD to spending a good amount of time reading (to meet that goal or get as close as possible), writing, and catching up here on the blog.  I am rethinking a few things here on the site, so am hoping to sort out some of those details.  I am also hoping to share some short and sweet reviews before the end of the year, so I can start the new year with a fresh start.  I still have two weeks left of a crazy schedule, but then I can spend some time relaxing and working around the house for the last two weeks of the year.  It will be just what I need before starting 2016.

How was your November?  What are you most looking forward to this month, and the new year to come?


  1. I need to write a couple short but sweet reviews before the end of the year as well. Good luck with reaching your 80 book goal! :)

    1. Kristen M. ... Thank you! Good luck to getting those short and sweet reviews done! ;)

  2. I read Heart Shaped Box this year too - and what a book! It's definitely memorable, creepy and interesting.

    Tanya Patrice

  3. Good luck with your goal! I'm a few behind, myself, and plan to spend the rest of the month reading like a mad woman.

    1. Allison @ The Book Wheel ... I'm off work for the rest of the year, so I will be reading like a mad woman too! Good luck to you as well!


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