Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday Maunder ... Tuesday Ramblings

Surprise, surprise!!  It's not Monday!!

This last weekend was the official move date for my family into our new home.  We spent the whole weekend packing and moving items ... because I was not organized at all this move and did not have a bulk of our stuff packed.  Thankfully, we are moving just down the street and we can throw things in our cars and transport them as needed.  In fact, many of my items are sitting in our old home awaiting their arrival to our new home.  We have to be out of the old place this coming weekend, so thankfully, we have a few more days to finish up the final moving stages.

With another move on our plate, life has proven to be chaotic AGAIN ... STILL!  We still have so many updates to make to rooms that much of our items are strewn from one end of the house to the other, and far from their proper locations.  My books are packed away in boxes, and many are still stacked in the other place.  The internet has been causing us problems, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that we may have fixed that issue.

Ultimately, that is the bad and the ugly.  What about the good?!?  Well, we are in our new house!!!!  And, I love it even when I see all the work ahead of us.  Now, I just need to get organized and spend a little bit of time each day writing and updating the blog.  That all starts tonight!  My goal was to start on Sunday night.  I'm two days behind, but I am getting back on track.  I call that good!

Now, I'm off to finish scheduling some posts for this week and then I'm heading to bed with a book.  With all this work, I find myself really looking forward to my bedtime routine!  I may only read 2-3 pages, but it is better than nothing, and I know that I will eventually get back to more reading in the near future.

How has your reading been going?  How about your life in general?  


  1. Do you know how many times I have moved since college? Two. I moved into an apartment here in WA in 1996 and then we moved into our house in 2003 (one city away). Yep. That's it.

    1. Kristen M. ... I am really, really hoping that this is our last move EVER!!!

  2. Yay for new houses! Are you going to share pictures?

    1. Michelle ... I will share pictures!! Probably not of the whole house, but I will of certain rooms. We still have some work to do and the house is currently a big mess, so I will probably do before and after.


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