Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Worthy by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Today, I am excited to be participating in a blog tour in honor of the release of Worthy by Catherine Ryan Hyde.  Hyde's latest novel is one that will bring out a roller coaster of emotions, especially for the animal lovers out there, but it is a read that is worth every dip and climb.

Worthy opens by introducing us to Virginia and Aaron on the cusp of a potentially life-long relationship.  Unfortunately, a tragedy strikes that demolishes their hope for the future.

Fast forward nineteen years.  Virginia is newly engaged, but has never forgotten Aaron or the future that could have been.  A young man finds an abandoned dog that belongs to Virginia, and the truths that are revealed thereafter are about to drastically change lives once again.

On the surface, Worthy appears to be about the loves of Virginia's lives, or rather those that are lost.  But, the story is so much more than that.  It helps readers to ponder the love that is worthy . . . worthy of our time and worthy of our hearts.  I am not necessarily just referring to romantic love either, but all kinds of love and what we are willing to do in the name of it.  It leaves the reader questioning . . . "What will I do in the name of love?"

Have you had the pleasure to ponder Worthy?  What other books by Catherine Ryan Hyde do you recommend?


  1. What books of Catherine Ryan Hyde's do I recommend? All of them! :) Well, okay, I haven't read all of them yet, but every one I have read is fantastic. I suppose my two favorites so far are Don't Let Me Go and Take Me With You. I look forward to reading Worthy, as I am quite the dog lover!

    1. StepmomShawn ... Thanks for the recommendations! I look forward to discovering more of her work!


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