Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pet Sematary by Stephen King

I saw a group of fellow bloggers chatting about a possible readalong for Stephen King's Pet Sematary.  I wanted to join in, but had no idea where my personal copy was currently hidden.  My local library came to the rescue and I jumped right in on all the readalong (aka #gangstercats) chatter!

Louis is a doctor starting a new job in a new town, so naturally he must find a new house for his family to call home.  It is a beautiful home surrounded by a gorgeous wooded area and an elderly couple across the street that quickly befriends the family.  What Louis does not know is that behind his home, surrounded by those gorgeous trees, is a pet cemetery.  What he also does not know is that there is something even creepier beyond that.  He has been warned not to wander into the beyond, but his friendly neighbor disagrees from the bottom of his heart.  That's when the real trouble begins to grow.

I *think* I first read this book when I was in high school  It could have been college.  Either way, it was a long time ago and the story was one that stuck with me.  Nothing really came as a surprise.  I found myself knowing what was to come next.  All these years (and two children) later, it really did not help in certain circumstances.  I found myself dreading certain scenes approaching.  I read one night before bed and experienced weird -- not scary, but bizarre and disturbing -- dreams.  King himself claims to believe that this is the book that scares him the most.  In his words . . .
"When I'm asked (as I frequently am) what I consider to be the most frightening book I've ever written, the answer I give comes easily and with no hesitation:  Pet Sematary . . . All I know is that Pet Sematary is the one I put away in a drawer, thinking I had finally gone too far."

When I first read this book, I would not have agreed with this statement.  Now, I am more likely to and I believe it comes down to my motherly ways.  It was more disturbing and heavy this time around.  Was it still good?  Yes.  It is King at his usual fineness.  That I can guarantee you.  In short, it is disturbing, but good.  If you decide to read it, just be forewarned!

Have you read Pet Sematary before?  How about re-read it?  Did your thoughts change like mine did? 


  1. I know, right? I didn't think PS was all that scary when I read it in college but now that I have kids, I dreaded reading those bits. Every new mom worries about the safety of her kids and I was one that had horrible nightmares about leaving the infant carrier in the shopping cart or laying it down somewhere only to forget where I left it. Eeeeek. And the stuff in this story is far worse.

    1. Ti ... YES!!!! I can totally relate to that!!

  2. King is a great writer. I used to read all his books when I was younger but then got tired of him. I thought I had outgrown him but, many years later, have started readiing hiim again. No, I haven't read this one. Maybe I will.

    1. techeditor ... I was the same way ... reading a lot when I was younger, then just sporadically, and now more and more again. I think his writing stands the test of time, but in different ways at different ages.


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