Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Maunder: Spring 2015 Bloggiesta Wrap-up

Over the last week, I have been participating in Bloggiesta.  I shared with all my readers last week about the plan for what I would be working on, and now it is time to look at how well I did.  Here is the full list, complete with updates:
  1. Back-up Blog (DONE!)
  2. Back-up Template (DONE!)
  3. Update Books Read in 2015 (DONE! -- Check it out here!)
  4. Update A-Z Review Index (DONE! -- Check it out here!)
  5. Update BBI Blog Index (DONE! -- Check it out here!)
  6. Update BBI Guest Post Index (DONE! -- Check it out here!)
  7. Clean Out TO READ Notebook (DONE! -- 54 to 0!)
  8. Clean Out FB Saves (DONE! -- 23 to 0!)
  9. Catch Up on Reviews (currently at 3 -- Songs of Willow Frost, Bossypants, & Wishful Thinking) -- Still need to write all three of these reviews as well as one for On Writing.  I did write one review for Pet Sematary though!
  10. Comics Post for BBI (DONE!)
  11. Schedule Comics Discussion Post -- Didn't get to this, but hope to this week!
  12. Schedule Reviews Written (currently 3 written -- Boxers & Saints, American Born Chinese, & Fun Home) -- Not done, but again I hope to this week.
  13. Generate New Discussion Posts (DONE! -- Just need to work through which ones I plan to make a priority)
  14. Catch-up on Blog Reading (Feedly currently at 447) -- Nope! I got to a good handful, but there with all the new posts, my number are about the same.
  15. Write and Post March Literary Link Love (DONE!  You can find it here!)
  16. Compile & Schedule BBI Voting Results  (DONE!  You can find it here!)
Overall, I think the week went pretty well.  Some things came up that prevented me from working on the blog as much as I would like, but it's okay.  I still got a lot accomplished considering.  I will have more news to share about those things next Monday in weekly ramblings, so you can check back then for more information!

I also had the pleasure to host one of the mini challenges this time around.  You can check out Blast From the Past here.  But now, it is time to announce the winners!  Thank you to all for entering and congratulations to those who won!

Amazon e-Giftcard Winner
Katrina @ Bookish Things

Bookmark Winners
Ang S
 Jenni Elyse
guiltless reader

How did you do during Bloggiesta this time around?  Would you count it as a success?


  1. Wow, you accomplished so much, Tif! And congratulations to the winners!

    1. Belle Wong ... Thank you! I didn't get everything done, but I did make a big dent in my list of things to do. I will take it.

  2. You got a lot done! :) That's awesome! Congrats! It was a really fun week, wasn't it? I'm excited I won your mini-challenge. :D

    1. Jenni Elyse ... It really was fun! I hope you had a successful week too!

  3. Damn, girl! You got SO much done! I'm very impressed!

  4. Great job on getting so much done during Bloggiesta! I wasn't able to cross everything off my list, but am pleased with what I did manage to accomplish. Excited that I won one of the bookmarks, as I love bookmarks! Thanks for hosting such a fun challenge!

    1. Alexia561 ... Thank you! I am hoping to get the bookmarks in the mail today. Last week got away from me!!


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