Friday, January 30, 2015

Literary Link Love: January 2015

Literary Link Love is back!!

In December, I missed posting my monthly wrap-up of links I shared in the social media stratosphere.  Life was crazy, links were few.  BUT, now I am back and boy, do I have some good stuff for you!

Do you want to raise your children to read for fun?  If so, this piece from Scholastic has some great ideas to lead your child down that very path.

I am a huge fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, but some of these little facts totally blew me away.  Can you imagine what a Sendak/Dahl would have been like?!?

Remember the Scholastic Book Fairs?  Can you relate to this?!?

Are you in need of a good laugh?  Because these chalkboard signs will help you with that.

I want ... no, NEED this in my life.  All Harry Potter fans probably do.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I recommend you check out the latest art that will be released in an illustrated edition.  The detail is amazing!

This kids is one smart cookie!  "Books are like dessert."

In case you missed it, Goodreads released their Best of 2014 books.  Do you agree with these choices?

Scholastic released a detailed report re: Kids and Reading.  If you have not yet seen it, take some time to check it out.  All of it.  Or, if you are limited on time, there is the key findings here.

Last, but not least, I hope you have seen this AMAZING GIVEAWAY I am hosting thanks to Candlewick!  If not, get on over and check it out.  It closes TONIGHT!!

Whew!  That was good stuff right?!?

What have been some of your favorite links to share this month?  Any of these particularly catch your eye?


  1. Thanks for all the great links! Have to say that I was disappointed with Goodreads list. I have Yes. Please and Red Rising in my TBR pile, but no interest in the others.

    1. Alexia561 ... You're welcome! I was surprised by some of the books on their list too. I hadn't even heard of a handful of them. BUT, I do have to agree with a couple of them: The Book of Life and The Pigeon Needs a Bath!!

  2. Great links! The new illustrated edition of Harry Potter looks amazing!

    1. Belle Wong ... Thanks! Is it bad that I want every edition of Harry Potter ever printed?!? I just love them all!!


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