Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bloggiesta: September 2014

It's time for a little blog clean-up again, and the timing could not be better for me.  With starting a new job last week, my poor site has been a bit neglected and I really could use this time to get caught up and work ahead.

Bloggiesta is the event where people all over the blogosphere get together to clean up their blogs, learn new strategies, and commiserate.  In short, it's a fiesta!

Over the next four days, this is the list of tasks that I will be working on . . .

  • Backup Blog
  • Backup Template
  • Update Books Read in 2014
  • Update A-Z Review Index
  • Emails (currently at 32)
  • Clean Gmail Contacts
  • Clean Out TO READ Notebook (currently stands at 15)
  • Catch-up on Blog Reading (Feedly currently stands at 459)
  • Write and Schedule Reviews (7 . . . I think)
  • Schedule Wordless Wednesday Posts

I think that is a good list to work with for now.  I will be working a bit on this list tonight, but will not be able to really kick off the tasks until tomorrow after work.  Here's hoping for a productive weekend!

Are you participating in Bloggiesta this weekend?  What is on your list of things to do?


  1. 459? That's all? That is what mine is always at I think.

    My main goal is to write reviews. Not that I have done so yet...

    1. Becca Lostinbooks ... Ha! Yep! That's all! Good luck with your reviews. So far, I've got nothing written, but there's still time!

  2. Yay! I'll be doing most of my things on the weekend. Tomorrow has rapidly filled up! Today wasn't great either.

    1. Suey ... Things have ended up getting crazier than expected this weekend. Finally making some progress, but I'm hoping tomorrow is very productive to make up for the other lost time!

  3. Replies
    1. Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow ... Thank you and good luck to you!

  4. Your Feedly is about as scary as mine! Though I have your email beat--mine is at 97 (not including the threads) and I hope to get it down to less than 50. Tall order!

    Good luck. :)

    1. Trish ... I actually worked to decrease mine a lot earlier this week. It was much uglier!! It seems like a never-ending struggle!! Good luck this weekend!

  5. Haha, at least you have a Feedly. I'm not yet that organized.

    1. Melanie ... I don't know what I would do without Feedly!

  6. Thanks for the reminder to back up my blog!


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