Friday, July 25, 2014

Runaways: Deluxe Editions, Volume 2 & 3 by Brian K Vaughan

It is time to return to the adventures of The Runaways!  I began this series reading the individual volumes, but quickly switched over to the Deluxe Editions when I saw them sitting on the library shelves, conveniently at the volume that was next in line to be read.  The Deluxe Editions contain multiple volumes in one hardcover edition, so I could devour more at one time.

Deluxe Edition, Volume Two (Paperback Volumes 4-5)

In this edition, the runaways continue their attempts to make amends for their parents' wrong-doing.  We are introduced to a new and potentially very important character ... one that could make or break the team of teen runaways.  In addition, they all journey outside of their home state to help a fellow friend in need of solving a mystery of mistaken identity.

There are so many minor details that create this story, making it just a plain fun read.  My favorite was a few minor cameo appearances of famous Marvel superheroes.

Deluxe Edition, Volume Three (Paperback Volumes 6-7)

The third deluxe edition takes a turn to the dark side with an unexpected return of The Pride, the villainous organization previously run by their evil parents.  With the dark side comes challenged loyalties and lost team members (in a multitude of ways).  The end of the edition is ambiguous and leaves the reader wondering the fate of the remaining teens.

Overall, I think that this series gets better as it progresses, with the reader becoming more invested in the teenage characters, despite some of their normal annoying behaviors.  Upon further research, I have discovered that the end of these volumes serves as the end of Vaughan's work on the series.  From here, Joss Whedon takes the project on and I find myself intrigued to discover his take on the characters created by Vaughan.  If I can get my hands on more, I will definitely be reading!

What are your thoughts regarding this piece of Vaughan's work?  For those who have read on, what are your (spoiler-free) thoughts on the remainder of this series with different creators stepping in?

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