Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Maunder: Bout of Books 10 Results

Another week, another readathon, another pretty good week of reading!

Last week, I announced that I was participating in yet another readathon, this time Bout of Books.  I had pretty reasonable expectations considering that I'm spending a lot of time on Armchair BEA these days and we ended up taking a little road trip over the weekend.  Let's start with taking another look at my original goals . . .
  1. Listen to at least 6 hours of my audiobook.
  2. Read a minimum of 600 pages.
  3. Participate in at least two online chats. (I'm shooting for one Twitter party and one Google+ on-air chat.)

So, how did I do?!?  Here is a quick rundown on my stats . . .
  1. Audiobook Total:  6 hours, 4 minutes - GOAL COMPLETED!
  2. Total Pages Read:  589 pages - CLOSE ENOUGH!
  3. Participated in portions of two online chats, one Twitter and one Google+ - CLOSE ENOUGH!

Overall, I call that a success!  

For those curious, here are the books I read . . .
  1. Batman:  The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb
  2. Batman:  The Black Mirror by Scott Snyder
  3. Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris (still amongst the pages)

For more information on Bout of Books, click here.  There is another one coming in August, and you will not want to miss it!

Did you participate in Bout of Books?  How did you do?  If not, how was your reading this last week in general?


  1. I did participate, it was so much fun. Congrats on meeting, and getting close enough to your goals!! :) Here are my Bob RaT Stats

    1. Karsyn Smith ... Thank you! I will swing by and visit your stats as well!

  2. Congrats on meeting your goals! [high five]

    I met my (loose) goal of finishing five books and I ended up reading about 2,300 pages. *\o/*

    1. Heather ... {high five, high five, high five} You did amazing!! Great job!!

  3. Definitely a success! Sounds like an awesome Bout of Books this year!

    1. Jenny @ Reading the End ... It really does! I haven't had the opportunity to visit many results posts yet, but I sure hope to soon!

  4. Great job! It was a really fun week.

  5. This was my first bout of books read-a-thon! I loved it and had so much fun!

    1. Johannah ... Yay! I hope this means that you will be participating in future Bout of Books then! :)


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