Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Samantha Kingston is one of the popular girls in high school that has it all, but she also is one of the mean girls.  Friday, February 12 seems to be yet another day filled with school, hanging out with her girlfriends, time with her boyfriend, and going to a party, but it also seems to be her last.  The catch is she keeps living this day over and over again.  Will she ever get it right and move on?

Before I Fall is a great read for all teenage girls and their parents.  Oliver tackles those hard years and creates a medium to talk about choices by Samantha Kingston re-living one day over and over.  It demonstrates that one day CAN make a difference.

As a reader, I still cannot decide how much I like the story, which direction it took, or the way it ended.  As a parent, I do intend to keep my copy and encourage my daughter to read and discuss it when she becomes a teen.  I guess I consider it a necessary evil.

What other books have you found to be important to read, but still leave you with mixed emotions as a reader?


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