Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Animal Helpers: Wildlife Rehabilitators by Jennifer Keats Curtis

Is your child an animal lover?  Do you find your child wanting to bring home injured or abandoned animals to provide them some love and care?  If so, Animal Helpers:  Wildlife Rehabilitators by Jennifer Keats Curtis is the perfect book for him or her!

Wildlife Rehabilitators follows and describes different kinds of caregivers as they help sick or injured animals of the wild.  Using photographs instead of illustrations, Curtis shows readers how these rescued animals are nursed back to health with the aid of caring humans.

I truly enjoyed this nonfiction book, learning new things myself as I read it to my children.  And, with all books published by Sylvan Dell Publishing, I love the activities found both in the back of the book as well as online to aid in the learning on this topic.  My personal favorite helps readers (both children and adults!) know what to do if they find an injured animal.

Animal Helpers:  Wildlife Rehabilitators is a great choice for parents and children alike who love animals, particularly those who want to grow up to be a helper of animals themselves.  You may even find yourself flipping through the book over and over again to simply get your wildlife fix through the photos.

Special thanks to Sylvan Dell Publishing for a review copy of Animal Helpers:  Wildlife Rehabilitators by Jennifer Keats Curtis!

Are you an animal lover?  How many times have you brought an animal, injured or not, into your home?!?

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