Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Maunder: June 10, 2013

It has been a while, so this one may be a bit on the longer side!  I apologize in advance!


The last time I wrote a real Monday Maunder, I was reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.  Today, I am still reading that chunkster and probably will be for at least another couple of weeks!

What have you been reading lately?  Any good ones to share?


Though it has not appeared that I have been doing much on the blogging front, it is actually blogging that has kept me away for so long with Armchair BEA planning, organizing, running etc. for the last few weeks!  It was another great event and I am hoping to wrap up all the last minute details from my end this week.

Once I get things wrapped up, I really need to get some things scheduled because life is about to take over the driver's seat (read On Life for more info!).

Did you get to participate in Armchair BEA?  What was your favorite part?  Or, least favorite part?


Writing has simply been non-existent these days.  I have pretty much resigned to the fact that my writing will not be back on schedule until August, but I do have a few things I need to accomplish in the next couple of weeks.  I will keep you posted on these as I accomplish them!

Do you find the summer months hard to write?


Life has been chaos as usual!  Here are just a few highlights and comments from the last couple of weeks and beyond . . .

My house still has not sold.  I have pretty much accepted the very possibility that it will not sell before we move and I am currently okay with that.

The family attempted a little camping trip last week.  We were supposed to be gone three days, but came home early on day two because of an infestation of ticks.  When I say infestation, I mean more than 2 dozen of these little monsters burrowed into my family and the dog.  I've spent many days out in the woods and have never experienced it this bad.  It was not worth it to stay and torture my children with tick extraction for another 24 hours.

The countdown to our big move has begun!  We are less than three weeks away and we have a LOT of things left to do.  Thankfully, packing is not as stressful because we have already packed so many things before putting our house on the market.

Since the countdown has begun, we are also trying to experience certain sites of the city before we leave this place we have come to call home.  This makes our schedule even busier, especially combined with all the playdates and sleepovers we are trying to squeeze in for the kids.

Also in less than three weeks, I am taking my kids on a LONG road trip!  In fact, I have a fun interactive feature coming up in conjunction with this trip, so stay tuned for more information!

Last, but not least, my husband and I got to go to the movie theater and see two shows in less than a week -- Star Trek:  Into Darkness AND Iron Man 3!  Thoroughly enjoyed both of them!!

There has been much more going on, but I will not continue to bore you with those details!  I hope to be back later this week with a few more things.  Until then . . .

What have been your highlights over these past couple of weeks?


  1. For me, it's not really the time of year. My time goes to my kids. My oldest will be moving next door or so we think. (Pending a new job.) We have the health club plus swimming classes, driving classes and other stuff going on. I've been getting up at 3:30/4:00 AM to put time in on my novel. By the time 5:00 PM gets here, I'm ready to pass out. :(

    1. Amateur Novelist ... Wow! You definitely have some early mornings!! I don't think I could ever do that because mornings are torture for me. I'm a complete night owl and find myself staying up way too late ... probably the reason mornings and I do not get along!!

      BTW, I absolutely adored your latest blog post on the writing prompts! I have not discovered that site before and I am so glad to be following now!

    2. Tif, I didn't use to be. Remember my book blogging days? I was not a morning person then. This change happened somewhere between 2011 and 2012. I go to be earlier than the chickens and wake before the roosters are up. :(

    3. Amateur Novelist ... So, there is still hope for me?!? This is good!! And maybe this will be the year for the turnaround with my new schedule starting in August!

    4. Ha! Ha! I'm praying that things will go back to the way it was. I loved sleeping late. This has to be hormones. Gotta be.

    5. Amateur Novelist ... LOL!!! Well, good luck with that one then!! :)

  2. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on Armchair BEA! I didn't get to participate as much as I would have liked, but still had a great time!

    I wish I had thought to visit some favorite sites one last time before we moved, but I did stock up on some hometime favorites to bring with us! Will have to visit friends when I run out of my goodies. Good luck with selling the house!

    1. Alexia561 ... You are so welcome!! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it again, despite not getting to participate as much as you would have liked.

      I didn't even think about the goodies!!!!


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