Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Maunder: May 13, 2013

Another short maunder this week!


Reading was close to nonexistent this week.  I am still reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clark and I probably will be in the weeks to come as well.

What did you read this week?




Nothing.  I am calling Sit Down and Write 3 a bust, even if it is not yet completely over.  I have finally realized what Amateur Novelist and Michelle discovered before me -- my life is crazy right now and when I am finally done with work, I should be able to finally devote more time to my writing.  Coming to this realization has really helped me feel better about not completing anything in this category or the previous two the last couple of months.  Thank you for the help ladies!!

Have you ever had a situation like this happen to you --- a situation when someone else realizes something that you have not yet discovered?


Life has been chaotic.  On the house front, we thought we had some good news this last week.  An offer was made, but was then pulled within the same afternoon due to funding issues.  Suddenly, we were back to square one again.  Surprisingly, I was okay with it!  I was not pleased with the offer and did not feel "right" about it at the time anyways.

On the work front, I am now down to only 4 days remaining!  Last week, my coworkers threw me a going-away party and the good-byes began.  I had a great time, received a wonderful gift, and left for the weekend with lots of smiles from all the love and support for my next adventure.  For the record, however . . . I really do not like to say, "Good-bye."  I much rather prefer to say, "See you later!"  This week will likely prove to be more difficult as both of these are said as my final day approaches.

On the positive side, I am really, really excited to begin this new chapter in my life.  I cannot wait for some new adventures and more time to focus/re-focus on what is really important.  I will save the rest of this for next week though, when it all begins!

What exciting news has been going on in your life?


  1. Tif, you are in such a neat place right now! A new adventure is about to open up. It's exciting. :)

    1. Amateur Novelist ... This realization just hit me yesterday and I am suddenly very excited!!!!!

  2. It was a bust for me too, Tif. But I know I'm going to have more time this summer since I won't be doing 3 hours of driving every day. I can devote those extra hours to the writing. It's only a week and a half away. Yay! We'll get there, right? =O)

    I'll be posting the official wrap-up tomorrow morning.

    1. Michelle Miller . . . I am so glad that I am not alone!! After my last day of work on Friday, things will really open up for me and I am finally getting excited about it!!


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